Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram: Get the Details Here

Explore on social media the details surrounding the trending story of Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram and TikTok, and get a closer look at her background and the events that have recently come out.

Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja

Famous Indonesian beauty and celebrity Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja has recently drawn attention from all around the world as a result of a terrible and horrific tragedy. This article explores the factors that led to her unexpected fame and offers details on her Instagram presence.

Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja’s Instagram Profile

Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja, an Indonesian model who had previously enjoyed considerable fame and popularity, has found herself at the center of a crime-related news story. The news has spread like wildfire following a deeply disturbing incident in which she was involved—she allegedly killed her newborn baby and discarded the child mercilessly at Ngurah Rai Airport. Authorities were alerted to this incident, and Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja was arrested on October 15, 2023.

Her Authentic Instagram Account

In the wake of this incident, public interest in her surged, leading to an increased search for her social media accounts, particularly on Instagram. Subsequently, numerous fake Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja Instagram accounts have surfaced.

Her authentic Instagram account is “zhafiradevil__,” which has approximately 999 followers, and she is following 498 individuals. Up to this point, she has shared only two posts.

What Does Her Bio on Instagram Say?

Her Instagram bio reads, “Progress, Not Perfection, Enjoy your life.” It’s crucial for readers to take note of these specific details when visiting her official page.

Zhafira Devi on TikTok

Although Zhafira Devi’s Instagram profile is easily accessible through links, her TikTok existence is unknown. Online sources claim that Zhafira willingly erased her social media accounts as a result of the strong criticism she received after being arrested. She probably expected a lot of condemnation from the public because of the nature of her claimed offence, which is why she might have deleted her Zhafira Devi TikTok page to shield herself from scrutiny.

Background information

When Zhafira Devi and her current lover slept at the Legian ST Hotel in Bali on October 15, 2023, startling events took place. She had excruciating pain in her abdomen and then, with her boyfriend’s help, gave delivery in the bathroom. It is said that they both tried to hurt the infant and get rid of it, but Zhafira resisted. They ultimately made the decision to throw the infant in an airport trash can. But cops intervened after a cleaning lady saw the baby and quickly reported it to the authorities.

Who Is Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja, the Instagram Star?

Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja is a fashion model hailing from Semarang, Central Java. She has previously appeared in numerous fashion and beauty product endorsements. She graduated from Soegijapranata Catholic University, where she pursued a degree in visual communications to chase her dreams.

While Zhafira has achieved great success in her professional life, her personal life has been marred by turmoil. She has been romantically involved with several men, to the extent that she is uncertain of the true biological father of her newborn baby.

Social Media Links

Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja’s presence can be found on Instagram.


In this article, we have explored the details surrounding Zhafira Devi Liestiatmadja’s Instagram account and the reasons behind her recent surge in notoriety. The incident she was involved in is deeply tragic and regrettable. It has sparked significant public reaction, leading to her arrest by the police.

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