10 Shoes That Are Making You Look Older: Experts Warn

Your own style is distinctive to you: Whether you follow the trends or not, your wardrobe should consist of pieces that give you the confidence and nicest feeling. If the majority of us can agree on anything, though, it’s that we don’t particularly want our fashion choices to make us look older. Naturally, this occurs, and one thing to watch out for is shoe styles that elongate your leg length.

“The most potent weapon in a woman’s wardrobe is her pair of shoes. Angela Foster, a tiny style expert, tells that “They can turn a ho-hum dress into a super stylish outfit, and they can also ruin a potentially cute outfit and turn it frumpy.” “With all of that in mind, selecting shoes is crucial. The good news is that comfortable shoes don’t have to be hideous, and fashionable shoes don’t have to be extremely high or uncomfortable.”

Are you wondering what to throw away during spring cleaning or what to avoid buying at the shoe store? See the next 10 shoes that can make you look older.

10 Shoes That Are Making You Look Older

1. Wedge pumps

decorative wedge shoes

Wedge pumps may feel like a comfortable choice, but they can sometimes give off a dated vibe. Elizabeth Kosich, a certified image stylist, suggests opting for sleeker designs with contoured wedges and pointed or almond-shaped toes. These modern details can elevate your look and avoid the frumpy appearance often associated with traditional wedge pumps.

2. Square-toe shoes

square-toe flat

Avoid shoes with square toes as they can age your overall appearance. Instead, opt for pointed-toe styles to flatter your foot shape and create the illusion of longer legs. Reserve square toes for specific styles like biker boots, and choose pointed toes for a more flattering and sophisticated look.

3. Slip-on sneakers

white sneakers

While slip-on sneakers were trendy in the past, they are best avoided now. Open-back slip-ons can give off a too-casual vibe, so consider alternatives like sneakers with velcro fasteners for a cool yet effortless look. Veja sneakers offer options with velcro closures that combine style with ease.

4. Shoes with super low soles

women's black flats

Shoes with very low heels, typically between one-eighth to one-quarter inch high, may not be the most flattering choice. Instead, opt for kitten heels or flat platform styles that offer comfort and style without appearing overly casual or dated.

5. Orthopedic clogs:

orthopedic clogs

While clogs have made a comeback, avoid orthopedic-looking options with heel straps, as they can appear outdated. Look for fashionable alternatives like Birkenstock’s Boston clogs, which feature supportive footbeds and trendy silhouettes with cozy shearling touches.

6. Unsteady shoes

woman trying on heels

Choose shoes that provide both comfort and confidence, avoiding styles that make you feel unsteady. Look for options with arch support, cushioning, and steady heel heights that promote good posture and balance. Opt for well-constructed boots, fashion sneakers, or heels that fit your foot shape and provide adequate support.

7. Keds

white tennis sneakers

Classic Keds Champion Originals may give off a dated vibe, so consider timeless alternatives like classic white tennis shoes from brands like Superga for a fresh and versatile look.

8. Sandals with orthopedic straps

orthopedic sandals

Avoid sandals with excessive orthopedic straps, as they can appear outdated and overly functional. Opt for platform slides with stylish details like crocheted or puffy straps for a comfortable yet youthful vibe.

9. Technical sneakers

technical sneakers

While sneakers are fashionable, avoid technical styles with heavy treads and oversized soles, which can look more suited for outdoor activities than everyday wear. Choose stylish lifestyle sneakers that strike a balance between toughness and fashion-forward design.

10. Over-embellished shoes

embellished pink cowboy boots

Steer clear of shoes with excessive embellishments, as they can appear overly busy and age your look. Avoid styles with vibrant colors and abundant decorations, opting instead for more understated designs that exude timeless elegance.

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