Everything You Need To Know About the Vidgo Free Trial – New 2023 Update

Are you also looking for a Vidgo free trial in 2023?

Vidgo used to offer the 7-day free trial, but now they have stopped offering this free trial. Instead, they offer a 4-hour free trial now for college football games. Thus, we have mentioned the step-by-step process below if you want to access this free trial. But, Vidgo is one of the best-prepaid platforms that offer a variety of incredible channels and shows. 

This article has mentioned everything you need to know about the Vidgo Free Trial. Let’s unfold it in detail. 

What is Vidgo?

Vidgo is a famous streaming service platform with various local, national, and international channels. This platform consists of 95+ TV channels in English and Spanish. You will find varieties of professional and college sports channels here. Vidgo allows you to access the subscription through 3 devices at a time. Additionally, Vidgo offers Vidgo Champions that don’t require any signed contracts. 

How To Get a Vidgo Free Trial in 2023?

Vidgo offers a short free trial, where users can experience the selected content present on the platform. Several plans are offered on this streaming platform; you can select any of the packages. With 95+ varieties of Live TV channels, this is a worthy investment. 

Here’s Step-By-Step Guide To Subscribing to Vidgo Account

Step – 1: First, you have to visit the official site of Vidgo – Vidgo.com 

Step – 2: You will see 4 different plans offered by Vidgo. It includes Premium, Plus, Ultimate, and Vidgo Mas. You have to choose any of the plans based on your watching interest. 

Step – 3: Click the “Sign Up Now” button and fill in some of your details. Follow up the process by creating a strong password. 

Step – 4: After then, you have to fill up the billing address information that includes the city, billing state, and zip. 

Step – 5: Once you’re done filling up the billing details, you must make the payment now. Now, you use the credit card to fill in all the relevant details. After filling up the details, press the “I Agree” and submit. 

Vidgo Pricing & Plans Offering in 2023

  1. The Premium Plan – This plan offers 150+ Live Channels. It also has an On-Demand & DVR. It consists of varieties of live sports, news, and local shows. It costs $84.99/Month for valuable streaming channels. 
  2. The Plus Plan – This plan offers 110+ Live Channels. It also offers On-Demand and DVR. This plan consists of varieties of live Sports, News, and Your Entertainment favourites channels. It costs $69.99/Month for the best value of Sports. 
  3. The Ultimate Plan – This plan offers all the English and Spanish channels. It consists of On-Demand and DVR. This plan offers varieties of Live Sports, News and Local Shows. It costs $99.99/Month for the ultimate value in streaming. 
  4. The Vidgo Mas Plan offers 45+ Live Spanish channels. It also has an On-Demand & DVR feature. This plan consists of various channels, including Latino Sports, News and Entertainment. It costs $39.99/Month for the Best Spanish Streaming TV experience. 

What Can You Watch In Vidgo Free Trial?

Vidgo only offers a little of the content in their free trial method. You can only watch the football games in the free trial for four hours, and that is also under some specific time frames. Thus, it is specially made for watching college football games and accessing the exceptional features of this platform. However, you must pay the main prices to access the content properly. Plus, you can not cancel the service or ask for a refund once you’re done paying for the plan. 

Is Vidgo Free Trial Worth It?

Vidgo currently offers a 4-hour free trial to watch only college football games. It only helps you a little to decide whether you should buy Vidgo or not. Simply, it won’t let you have a feel of this streaming service. The only good thing about this Vidgo platform is that you don’t need to worry about signing up. It won’t start any paid plans after trying out the free trial. 

Vidgo is a prepaid service, as you can enjoy it only for the service you have already paid for. Thus, it would help if you remembered to cancel your plan before getting any other extra fees or penalties. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does Vidgo Offer a Free Trial? 

Vidgo doesn’t have any 7-day free trial left officially. Instead, Vidgo offers a 4-hour free trial that allows users to watch college football games. It helps the users to access and experience the platform 

  • How much does Vidgo cost monthly? 

Vidgo has 4 different plans consisting of different features and monthly pricing. We have mentioned the plans below: 

  1. Premium Plan – It costs $84.99/Month. 
  2. Plus Plan – It costs $69.99/Month.
  3. Ultimate Plan – It costs $99.99/Month.
  4. Vidgo Mas Plan – It costs $39.99/Month.
  • Who is the owner of Vidgo?

The Nexstar Media Group officially owns Vidgo. 

  • Is Vidgo any good? 

Vidgo is among the tough competition in the cord-clutters. They have recently entered into the streaming market. You can watch this streaming service through computers, phones, and any streaming device. Moreover, you will also get good user experience levels and channel lineups. 

  • Does Vidgo offer 1080p?  

Vidgo offers a 20-hour-long DVR plan in their two most premium plans. Despite offering an excellent watching experience, Vidgo doesn’t feature 1080p or 4k Watching experience. 

  • Does Vidgo consist of HBO?

Generally, most streaming platforms consist of several prime entertainment channels, including Cinemax, Epix, HBO, SHOWTIME, and much more. However, Vidgo doesn’t consist of such channels. Additionally, Vidgo only offers TV Everywhere. 

  • Can I share my Vidgo account with friends and family? 

Vidgo allows eight users to associate their devices with the service offered by Vidgo. And 3 users can easily watch the channels at a time. 

  • Is Vidgo better than YouTube TV?

Vidgo offers a better channel lineup than YouTube TV. Vidgo is even cheaper than YouTube TV based on the number of channels. Vidgo requires you to pay $55/Month for 100+ live channels, and YouTube TV requires $64.99/Month for 85+ live TV channels. 

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