5 Tips for Wearing Stockings If You’re Over 60, for The Final Finishing Touch

If you’re anything like us, your relationship with stockings is complex. Although we love how they add flair to any ensemble and keep our legs warm, they can be difficult to style and occasionally rip at the worst possible times. After reading about the dos and don’ts of wearing stockings in your 60s from personal stylists, you’ll want to keep reading if you’ve ever spent hours searching through your hosiery drawer for a fashionable and useful pair of tights. Once you commit these wardrobe formulas, tips, and methods to memory, getting dressed will never be a struggle for you.

5 Tips for Wearing Stockings If You’re Over 60, According to a Stylist 

1. Monochromatic Look

woman putting on black heel over black stockings

Opting for a monochrome outfit by matching your tights to your clothing color is a timeless and flattering choice. Elizabeth Kosich, a personal stylist, suggests this approach to elongate and strengthen your silhouette. The classic black-on-black pairing, popularized by Donna Karan in 1985, remains an iconic choice. However, Kosich advises that you can apply this rule to other colors as well. For example, pairing a red dress with red tights and metallic accessories creates a festive party look. Experimenting with different opacities allows you to control the coverage and impact of the tights, making them versatile for various occasions.

2. Prints

Pantyhose with pattern.

Tights offer endless opportunities to play with prints, adding fun and personality to your outfit. Kosich recommends exploring sublimation printed tights featuring Burberry-style plaids, smart stripes, or traditional paisley prints. To balance the boldness of printed tights, she suggests pairing them with understated, simple pieces with clean lines. This approach instantly elevates your little black dress in an age-appropriate manner.

3. Texture

female legs in black tights on pink background.

For a subtle yet stylish twist, consider tights with texture. Kosich suggests opting for tone-on-tone textured tights such as dots, chevron stripes, lace, or micro-fishnets to add interest and airiness to your ensemble. Maintaining a one-color theme by matching the tights to your clothing color elongates your legs, while adding an overcoat in a neutral tone balances the color palette.

4. Investment in Classics

Close up of a woman's legs in tights putting heels on while sitting on couch.

Investing in classic stockings ensures you have versatile options to elevate any outfit. Kosich recommends stocking up on timeless choices like sheer nude, ecru, or black hose, as well as opaque black for a chic urban look. Look for quality materials such as nylon, elastane, wool, or spandex for durability and comfort. While classic colors are essential, Kosich encourages experimenting with deep, muted tones like burgundy or hunter green to add a touch of sophistication.

5. Use as an Accessory

Woman legs in red color tights, black leather shoes with rivets and skirt stand on crosswalk. Fashion details for stylish extravagant women

Don’t underestimate the power of tights as an accessory. Kosich suggests treating them like jewelry—a statement piece that can anchor your outfit. By incorporating colored, patterned, or printed options into your wardrobe, you can effortlessly elevate even the most basic ensemble, turning heads with your stylish flair.

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