6 Best Clothing Items to Buy at Thrift Stores: A Stylist’s Guide to Second-hand Treasures

In the current era where clothing quality has witnessed a decline, turning to second-hand options emerges as a savvy strategy to uncover items boasting superior materials and craftsmanship. Beyond the economic benefits, thrift stores harbour a realm of distinctive fashion finds. Before embarking on your thrift shopping journey, heed the advice of personal stylists who highlight specific categories worth considering. Dive into the recommendations below to discover the best clothing gems awaiting you at thrift stores.

Insights from Fashion Experts

1. Denim Discoveries

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 Navigate your local thrift shop with denim aspirations, targeting renowned brands like Levi Strauss, Lee, and Wrangler. Elizabeth Kosich, a certified image stylist, suggests exploring beyond jeans to find denim jackets, shackets, skirts, and shorts. The affordability of these items, often priced at a fraction of new ones, opens avenues for creative DIY projects.

2. Luxurious Layers

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 Coats and cashmere steal the spotlight as high-ticket items with an emphasis on quality fabrics. Hellana Mardasian, a personal stylist, recommends focusing on materials such as cashmere and seeking out past-season designer coats. While exploring these treasures, meticulous inspection for wear and tear becomes imperative to make informed purchase decisions.

3. Hat Hunt

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Embrace the thrill of trying on quirky accessories by delving into the world of thrift store hats. Kosich suggests scouting for vintage finds like wool fedoras, newsboy caps, cloches, straw Panama hats, and fur trapper hats. To safeguard your newfound headpiece, inquire about the availability of its original box packaging.

4. Formal Elegance

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 Elevate your formal wardrobe without breaking the bank by exploring second-hand options. Kosich encourages seeking formalwear, from gowns to tuxes, in vintage shops. Sumptuous fabrics like velvet, taffeta, tulle, and satin, coupled with unique styles, make for standout choices. However, careful scrutiny for damages is essential before committing to a purchase.

5. Artistry in Detail

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Unearth the extraordinary by focusing on intricate details like embroidery and beading. Mardasian suggests looking for pieces with embellishments that add value and uniqueness. This quest extends beyond clothing to encompass accessories like bags and belts, offering a diverse range of distinctive finds.

6. Timeless Trinkets

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Conclude your thrift store exploration with a glance at costume jewellery shelves. Kosich advises a thorough examination for cracks, rhinestone condition, and secure closures on earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. The allure of vintage bakelite and acrylic pieces adds a touch of timeless elegance, making your visit to the thrift store a jewellery-hunting adventure.

In embracing the world of thrifted treasures, the discerning eye and curated choices promise not only economical gains but a wardrobe enriched with character and history.


This post states the fashion possibilities guided by the expertise of personal stylists. The art of thrift shopping extends beyond mere affordability, transforming it into a curated adventure where denim DIY projects, luxurious fabric discoveries, and the allure of unique embellishments await. As you delve into the second-hand treasures recommended by fashion experts, remember that each piece tells a story, adding character and history to your wardrobe. Embrace the charm of vintage finds, and let your thrift store journey be a testament to the enduring allure of timeless style.

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