6 Tips for Wearing Blazers If You’re Over 60: The Best Wardrobe Staple

Every girl’s closet should encompass blazers because they’re a wardrobe essential. The fundamental cause of that? Their adaptability. These toppers paintings properly over a button-down for the place of job, a slinky black dress for a date night, or a T-blouse for a espresso run. As lengthy as you recognize the essentials to shopping for the greatest one and styling it efficaciously, the opportunities are clearly countless. Not positive where to begin? We have the whole thing covered. Here, private stylists proportion with us their desired strategies for locating and styling blazers on ladies over sixty. Prepare to discover this timeless closet staple once more.

6 Tips for Wearing Blazers If You’re Over 60, According to Stylists

1. Enhance your silhouette.

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When making an investment in a blazer, it is crucial to bear in mind your body form to make sure a flattering match. Elizabeth Kosich, a licensed photograph stylist, advises warding off shoulder pads when you have vast shoulders and opting for cropped blazers to stability wider hips. A tapered waist blazer can create the phantasm of curves for straight or hourglass figures. Additionally, Kosich recommends keeping off double-breasted patterns for petite frames to prevent overwhelming the silhouette with extra material.

2. Tailor for a perfect suit.

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Even with the right blazer for your frame shape, tailoring may also still be necessary for the first-rate healthy. Liana Chaouli, a non-public stylist, emphasizes the significance of tailoring, specifically for established blazers. Ensuring the blazer closes without difficulty with sufficient room around the frame is vital. Additionally, consulting with a tailor about adjustments to pocket placement, collar, and sleeves can in addition beautify the general match and appearance.

3. Incorporate a black blazer into your wardrobe.

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A black blazer is a timeless addition to any wardrobe, offering versatility and class. Kriena Nederveen, a private stylist, shows choosing a lightweight wool twill blazer with a grosgrain lapel. This classic fashion, popularized through Yves Saint Laurent, can resultseasily transition from formal to informal occasions, making it a flexible cloth cabinet staple.

4. Explore velvet blazers for a high-priced contact.

Older woman wears brown blazer in fashion atelier

For girls over 60, Chaouli recommends considering velvet blazers for his or her softness and flexibility. Velvet blazers exude beauty and may be styled casually with jeans or dressed up for nighttime occasions. Their high-priced texture provides a hint of class to any outfit, making them a versatile and undying preference.

5. Style casually with denims for ordinary put on.

An older woman sitting on a yellow background, wearing jeans and a beige blazer.

Pairing a blazer with jeans and a easy T-shirt creates a chic yet easy appearance suitable for regular put on. Chaouli indicates adding understated declaration residences and excellent accessories, along with a fashionable bag and oversized sunglasses, to raise the ensemble. This undying combination of blazer, denims, and accessories ensures a cultured and intentional look.

6. Elevate your look for night put on.

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Transition your blazer from sunlight hours to evening put on by using styling it with tailored trousers or a swish get dressed. Nederveen recommends pairing the blazer with tuxedo-style narrow black pants and a lace camisole for an advanced cocktail or black-tie appearance. Alternatively, layering the blazer over a swish dress or long skirt adds beauty and versatility in your nighttime ensemble, specially while accessorized with announcement earrings.

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