6 Tips If You Have Thinning Eyelashes, to Tweak Your Usual RoutineĀ 

Thicker hair is one of the few aspects of aging that is nearly difficult to avoid. It should be noted that this alteration affects more than just the hair on top of your head. The brows and lashes also suffer for most people; they either fall out, become less dense, or even pale in color, making them less noticeable. Fortunately, there are techniques to go back in time and get thicker lashes using both makeup products that mimic a fuller fringe and growth serums. Discover the finest advice for thinning eyelashes from dermatologists and cosmetics artists by reading on.

6 Tips If You Have Thinning Eyelashes, According to Beauty Experts    

Consider a Prescription Lash Serum

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While numerous lash serums flood beauty stores, only one holds FDA approval for treating thin eyelashes: Latisse, available exclusively by prescription. Dr. Natalie Kash, a board-certified dermatologist, explains that Latisse, a prostaglandin analog, stimulates eyelash follicle growth. However, caution is essential, as potential side effects such as eye discoloration and skin darkening may occur. Under proper guidance, noticeable results typically manifest within weeks, with full results apparent after four months.

Try a Professional Lash Lift or Tint

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Lash tinting involves dyeing lashes to enhance their appearance and thickness. Celebrity makeup artist Daria Kruchinina recommends this treatment, particularly for light-colored or sun-bleached lashes, as it offers a natural look without damage. Lasting approximately a month, a lash lift, a semi-permanent curling procedure, is another popular option. However, Kruchinina warns of potential damage, stressing the importance of professional expertise and product selection to mitigate risks.

Use a Mascara Primer

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Kruchinina suggests incorporating a mascara primer like Diorshow Maximizer 3D into your routine before applying mascara. This conditioning step primes lashes, facilitating smoother application and enhancing volume.

Use a Tubing Mascara

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Opting for tubing mascara, such as Avon Waterproof Wash Off or Kevyn Aucoin The Volume, offers voluminous lashes without the drying effects of traditional waterproof formulas. Makeup artist Margina Dennis praises tubing mascaras for their ability to envelop lashes without causing dryness or damage during removal.

Consider Falsies

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Falsies provide a versatile option for enhancing lashes, with various styles available to suit different preferences and occasions. Krista Suter, RN, BSN, recommends individual lashes for everyday wear and full strips for more dramatic looks.

Remove Your Makeup Thoroughly

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Ensuring thorough makeup removal is crucial for maintaining lash health. Suter advises gentle cleansing to prevent lash damage, recommending a double-cleansing method with an oil cleanser followed by a gentle facial cleanser to effectively remove makeup without harsh scrubbing.

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