7 Ways to Dress Classy Over 60

If you want to look sophisticated in your golden years, Kosich and her colleague stylists have some particular suggestions. Continue reading for seven stylish living recommendations in your 60s.

1. Consider the Fit

older business woman in trouser suit

Achieving an elevated and polished appearance after 60 starts with well-fitting clothes. Image consultant Elizabeth Kosich emphasizes the importance of well-tailored, staple items such as black trousers, a classic little black dress (LBD), and a versatile blazer. Seeking the expertise of a tailor for adjustments to ensure precise fit and comfort is crucial. Stylist Brigid Stasen highlights the significance of proper fit, particularly in jeans, recommending straight-leg or boot-cut styles in medium blue, dark blue, and white. Additionally, owning properly fitting undergarments enhances comfort, support, and confidence.

2. Go for Quality

cashmere sweater

Selecting quality pieces contributes to an elegant appearance. Kosich suggests upgrading wardrobe essentials with high-quality materials, transitioning from wool to cashmere, canvas to leather, and pearls to diamonds. Emphasizing the importance of weight and drape in fabrics, high-quality options provide both, ensuring a stylish look. Stasen recommends sweaters in quality fabrics such as cashmere and cotton blends, versatile for year-round wear. Investing in premium leather sneakers, suede driving moccasins, and a statement leather handbag further enhances the overall aesthetic.

3. Invest in a Blazer

senior woman wearing blazer

A well-fitted blazer is a must-have for a clean, chic, and classy look, especially for those over 60. Stasen suggests a blazer in a light wool/lycra blend in black, winter white, or navy, emphasizing its versatility to elevate various outfits. Immaculate fit is crucial, ensuring the ability to button and consulting a tailor for adjustments when necessary.

4. Remember, less is More

older woman simple style

Simplicity is key to elevated, classy style. Kosich recommends a monochromatic and neutral color palette with modest pops of color to avoid overwhelming the look. Adjusting power neutrals like black to charcoal or midnight navy maintains sophistication. As contrast diminishes with age, a less-is-more approach ensures a refined appearance.

5. Introduce Statement Pieces

older woman wearing pearl necklace

Statement pieces contribute to a sophisticated look while incorporating fun and color. Experimenting with statement jewelry that holds personal significance is recommended by Kosich. Jewel-toned dresses, particularly in royal blue, deep purple, or emerald green, offer an elegant clothing option. Statement pieces provide an opportunity to showcase a life story and add a touch of wisdom and experience to the overall style.

6. It’s Not All About the Clothes

older woman putting on lip gloss

Sophistication extends beyond clothing to grooming and personal care. A signature scent, as emphasized by Kosich, adds a lasting impression. Prioritizing personal care, including hair, skin, and teeth maintenance, is essential for an overall refined appearance. Consider seasonal changes in lip color and choose shades that harmonize with your undertone.

7. Practice Makes Perfect

older woman getting dressed

Dressing up daily conveys energy and confidence, according to global fashion stylist Melony Huber. It reflects a commitment to projecting one’s best self into the world. Additionally, a closet purge is recommended by Andréa Bernholtz, a conscious lifestyle and sustainable fashion expert, to eliminate items that don’t align with one’s age group or personal style, ensuring a wardrobe that fosters confidence and positivity.

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