6 Best Things to Wear to a Wedding After 60 to Combine Style and Utility

Choosing an outfit for a wedding is not always simple. Maybe you have a go-to outfit, but it’s difficult to find a one-size-fits-all choice when there are so many diverse dress rules and venues. As we age, this becomes more challenging since we want to maintain our sense of style without compromising on comfort. However, stylists advise that if you’re over 60, there are a few essential wedding outfits you may wear that will work for every fashion sense.

According to Elizabeth Kosich, the creator of Elizabeth Kosich and a professional image stylist, “there are so many factors to consider when it comes to wedding attire—formality, appropriateness, design, and color—especially after 60, when options seem more limited.”

“Looking and feeling your best is just as vital as avoiding upstaging the mother of the bride or the bride herself. If browsing your closet for out-of-date pieces and following trends doesn’t seem age-appropriate, you might want to reconsider your entire style from head to toe with a more contemporary perspective.”

For advice from stylists on what to wear to forthcoming weddings, continue reading if you’re having trouble organizing your wardrobe.

6 Best Things to Wear to a Wedding After 60

1. Fit-and-flare dress

older woman in fit and flare dress

Opting for a fit-and-flare dress is a timeless choice for women over 60 attending a wedding. This A-line style accentuates the waist while offering a universally feminine and flattering silhouette. The simplicity of the dress provides an excellent canvas for statement accessories like a bold necklace or chandelier earrings. Deep hues are recommended to make jewelry stand out against a dark background. Comfort is key, considering the duration of weddings, and Melony Huber emphasizes the importance of choosing a dress that allows for ease of movement and long-term wear.

2. Formal suit

older woman wearing tuxedo style suit holding drink

For those who prefer alternatives to dresses, a tailored suit in the right material can be a sophisticated choice for wedding attire. Fabrics like velvet or brocade offer a dressier look with structured tailoring, while satin and silk provide a more relaxed, unstructured line. Tuxedo-style suits with satin details add elegance, and pairing them with a silky shell blouse and feminine heels helps balance the menswear-inspired lines.

3. Jumpsuit

older woman wearing magenta jumpsuit

Jumpsuits present a stylish and convenient “one-and-done” outfit option for wedding guests over 60. Dressier styles with shawl collars, statement belts, and wide-leg pants offer a flattering shape. Soft prints and three-quarter length sleeves are recommended for added interest and waist emphasis. A cap sleeve is suggested for summer weddings, providing a flattering look for photos.

4. Cape dress

cape style dress

Making a statement without overshadowing the bride can be achieved with a cape dress. Stylish, sophisticated, and elegant, cape dresses make a tasteful fashion statement. They offer coverage for arms and midriff, accentuate the silhouette, and add a touch of drama with the cape detail. Color choices should complement the wearer’s skin undertones, with recommendations such as pastels for warm undertones, dove grey or lavender for cool undertones, and universally flattering mint for neutral undertones.

5. Kaftan or tunic-style dress

tunic dress on hangar

Kaftan or tunic-style dresses provide a unique and exotic look, offering a touch of drama for those willing to push boundaries. The flowy silhouette, ornate prints, and bejewelled embellishments serve as both dress and accessories. Muted prints and soft colors are suggested to avoid overwhelming the palette, and pairing the dress with a solid, dark wrap helps break up patterns.

6. Comfortable shoes

nude heels on street

Selecting comfortable shoes is crucial, especially if planning to dance at the wedding. Consider heel height and thickness, opting for shoes that allow for enjoyment throughout the event. Melony Huber advises against excessively high and skinny heels to ensure foot comfort. Leanne Lee recommends small, comfortable heels in a nude shade that matches the skin tone, providing comfort and versatility.

Remember to prioritize comfort, personal style, and appropriateness for the wedding setting when selecting attire for this special occasion.

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