4 Tips for Wearing Sweatpants Over 60, For Stepping Out

These days, everyone is focused on their fitness, and working from home has given us an excuse to keep warm in our sweatpants even when we’re not exerting ourselves. Sweatpants are comfortable, but if you’re over 60, don’t let style go out of style. We spoke with fashion experts to seek their best recommendations on how to wear sweatpants into your seventh decade in order to find this balance. See below for their tips on how to appear chic and sporty while wearing sweatpants.

4 Tips for Wearing Sweatpants Over 60, According to Style Experts    

1. Shop Smart

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When shopping for sweatpants, treat them like you would jeans. Don’t settle for one size fits all; instead, take your time to find the perfect fit. Deniz Efe, founder of ‘FitnessEquipped’, advises testing them out by sitting, standing, and moving around. Look for a style that strikes a balance between comfort and flattering. Pay attention to details like the waistband’s snugness and the pant length.

According to Luke Lee, CEO of PalaLeather, opt for structured sweatpants with a slim or tapered fit to elongate your legs.

2. Proportion Matters

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For a polished casual look, consider balancing out proportions. Pair loose and baggy sweatpants with a fitted top like a sweater or blouse to create a balanced silhouette. Joggers, with a tighter fit around the ankle, offer a more refined appearance and pair well with dressier tops. Tucking in your shirt can further elevate the look, advises Caitlyn Parish, CEO of Cicinia.

3. Stick to Simplicity

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Keep it simple with solid colors and minimal patterns. Neutrals and pastels are timeless and versatile, suggests Lee. Opt for softer hues like blues and pinks to add depth to your outfit. If you prefer patterns, stick to subtle options like stripes or plaid to maintain a minimal and classic look, advises Parish. Avoid bold graphic prints, as they can overpower the outfit.

4. Pairing and Accessories

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To transition sweatpants from gym wear to streetwear, focus on your overall outfit. Pair them with dressier tops, funky jackets, and stylish boots. Melissa Fiorentino, stylist at Cake Style, recommends layering with a cropped bomber or leather jacket to cinch the waist and create a casual athleisure look. Add accessories like scarves, belts, or necklaces to elevate the outfit further. Consider footwear options like loafers or boots in winter and sandals or sneakers in warmer weather. Layering with cardigans, jackets, or coats adds contrast and completes the ensemble.

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