6 Tips for Wearing Trousers If You’re Over 60 and Look Fashionable

Prepare for a fashion revelation as trousers are set to become your newfound wardrobe essential, defying the expectations of a decade ago. Once confined to job interviews and office settings, trousers have undergone a stylish transformation, now gracing the wardrobes of influencers and dominating fashion runways. In our perspective, they emerge as the ideal choice for the vibrant 60-plus crowd.

Trousers offer a timeless, comfortable, and versatile style, provided you grasp a few styling dos and don’ts. Contrary to common belief, they need not be overly formal or exclusively paired with matching blazers.

6 Tips for Wearing Trousers If You’re Over 60

To guide you in mastering the art of styling trousers in your 60s and beyond, we’ve gathered insights from personal stylists who share their invaluable tips.

1. Apply the Rule of Thirds

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Certified image stylist Elizabeth Kosich advocates for the rule of thirds, emphasizing a flattering appearance achieved through a high-waisted pair of trousers. This automatically divides the body into thirds, elongating the silhouette for a taller, more robust look. The high waist also aids in tummy control. Pair your trousers with classic T-shirts, turtlenecks, long blazers, or trench coats, or opt for a cropped sweater that aligns with the trouser’s waist.

2. Select Sturdy Fabrics

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Opt for fabrics that prioritize comfort, durability, and a fantastic appearance. Andie Sobrato, a personal stylist, recommends ponte fabric, especially for cooler weather. This fabric offers versatility with its stretch, providing comfort while maintaining a flattering fit. Crepe is another excellent choice, offering a heavy yet flowing quality that ensures both comfort and style.

3. Embrace Breezy, Lightweight Styles

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Break the notion that trousers are solely for colder seasons. Choose airy, wide-leg pairs crafted from lighter fabrics like Tencel, gaberdine, or polyester blends. Consider pleated details based on your body shape—opt for pleats if wider above the waist and none if wider below. Maintain a long hem for a high-style look, pairing the trousers with tanks, tees, cropped blazers, jackets, or shackets for a weekday ensemble, or turtlenecks and puffer coats for a weekend uniform.

4. opt for Cropped Styles

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Tailor your trouser silhouette to your comfort by exploring ankle crop pants, longer than classic capris but with a gentle taper ending at the ankle bone. Choose creased versions for a polished appearance or non-creased for casual wear. Ankle crop trousers seamlessly transition from spring to summer, pairing well with tunics, jean jackets, and summer sandals or espadrilles—an effortlessly timeless choice.

5. Choose Footwear Wisely

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Elevate your trouser styling with thoughtful footwear choices. For tapered pairs, consider heels, ballet flats, or loafers. If opting for wide-leg trousers, balance the look with bulkier options like loafers, beefy sneakers, or boots. The choice between a heel or pointy toe depends on the desired level of formality, with heels elevating the overall dressiness of the outfit.

6. Regularly Assess Fit

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Maintain the impeccable appearance of your trousers by ensuring a perfect fit tailored to your body. Elizabeth Kosich emphasizes the significance of fit in achieving smashing style, especially as silhouettes may change with age. Regularly assess the fit of your trousers—if they feel snug or loose, consider tailoring or replacing them to preserve their incredible look.

Prepare to embrace trousers as your newfound wardrobe staple, infusing your style with timeless sophistication and comfort tailored to the vibrant spirit of your 60s and beyond.

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