5 Secrets for Thicker Hair Over 50, According to Beauty Experts and Dermatologists

Nothing is a more annoying beauty quandary than gazing your hair thinning with age. Your mane might also seem much less full every day, regardless of how plenty time, money, or effort you invest in preserving the power and health of your strands. Even at the same time as a few thinning is ordinary, you don’t should accept that your hair will usually be floppy. Hear from doctors and hair stylists about the maximum crucial strategies to maintain thickness after 50 through continuing to read.

5 Secrets for Thicker Hair Over 50, According to Stylists and Doctors

1. Identify the Root Cause of Hair Thinning

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Hair thinning is a common occurrence as we age, attributed to different factors along with pressure, hormonal modifications, medicinal drug, nutrient deficiencies, and hair treatments like coloring and warmth styling. Consulting with each your hairstylist and health practitioner can assist pinpoint the precise purpose, whether or not inner or outside, allowing you to find a focused solution.

2. Invest in Effective Thickening Products

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Numerous hair-thickening products containing ingredients like keratin, biotin, collagen, and vital nutrients can promote wholesome hair growth and growth extent with out causing damage. Prescription options like dutasteride, minoxidil, and others can be endorsed by means of your health practitioner for extra severe cases of hair thinning.

3. Choose a Suitable Thickening Shampoo

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As our hair and scalp desires evolve with age, choosing a shampoo mainly formulated for growing old hair becomes critical. Look for moderate formulation that keep herbal scalp oils and include nourishing substances like collagen and keratin to strengthen strands. Volumizing or thickening shampoos also can provide elevate and frame for your hair.

4. Enhance Your Diet for Hair Health

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A nutrient-rich eating regimen performs a essential position in keeping wholesome hair. Incorporate protein-wealthy meals like eggs, antioxidant-packed berries, folate and iron-rich leafy vegetables, and omega-three fatty acid assets like fatty fish to help hair growth and density.

5. Upgrade Your Haircare Routine

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Regular trims every six to 8 weeks assist save you break up ends and breakage, while scalp massages stimulate move and sell hair growth. Minimize warmth styling and over-styling to prevent damage, and use huge-enamel combs to reduce breakage, in particular whilst hair is moist. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase or sporting a silk headscarf can in addition reduce friction and keep hair power and thickness.

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