My XBox Controller Keep Disconnecting With Full Battery (8 Main Reasons & Fixes)

Topic:My XBox Controller Keep Disconnecting With Full Battery

Are you also facing the issue of Xbox getting disconnected? 

All Xbox lovers and gamers don’t like it if any gaming setup doesn’t work properly and creates hindrances in the gaming experience. This Xbox connectivity issue can be due to several reasons, and here we have mentioned eight major reasons and fixes for this Xbox issue, even if your Xbox controller is not working properly to the fullest of the battery or when everything looks fine. These eight-mentioned fixes might help you get rid of any of your issues. 

Let’s begin the guide !! 

Why Does The Xbox Controller Keep Disconnecting?

There might be various reasons why the Xbox controller keeps disconnecting. First, you need to check the whole Xbox controller setup and ensure there is no issue. It would help if you ensured everything, including the wireless controller’s battery, the wire controller’s proper cable connection, etc. 

There might be various reasons for the weak connection of your Xbox, based on the factors mentioned above. This affects your gaming experience, and you need to try out some potential fixes to help you get out of this problem. 

8 Main Reasons and Fixes for Xbox Controller Connectivity Issue

1. Outdated Controller Firmware 

If you have not used your controller for a while, the firmware version of your controller might get outdated. You just have to update your outdated firmware to fix this issue. Let’s see how you can update your controller. 

  • First, you have to connect your controller to the console with the help of your USB cable.
  • Sign in to your Xbox Live. 
  • Access Menu > Open Settings > Tap On Devices and Accessories (You can also take the help of another controller to complete this process if your first controller is not working at all). 
  • Now, pick your controller in the Devices menu and click the Update button. Continue the process. 

If any updates are remaining, this process will automatically be updated. It will not make any updates if there are no potential updates remaining. Try out another way if this doesn’t work. 

2. Controller Might Be Out of Range or Facing Wrong Direction 

Controllers sometimes do not work for silly reasons, as it might be out of their range. These controllers generally range from 19 to 28 feet (5.8m to 8.5m). There might be some different reasons for it as well, that includes the following: 

  • Your controller might have lost its efficiency in its range due to its age. 
  • You might have an older generation controller with a lesser range. 
  • Any electronic or metal item might have a relatively impacted on the range of controllers. 
  • Your controller might also be on the wrong way. 

You might also face the issue with the range of controllers if you’re using someone else’s controller. 

3. Battery Might Be Dead  

There might be some possible issues with the battery, even if the batteries show full recharge. You should change the batteries if they are old and haven’t been changed for a long time. To confirm this issue, you should buy new batteries and replace them with the old ones instead of directly buying new controllers. 

4. Power Cycle Your Console 

Restarting a device generally fixes them on its own. The reason behind these fixes is that all the running processes stop themselves and restart cleanly. Thus, it fixes all the minor glitches and improves your performance. To restart the controller, press and hold the power button for around 10 seconds. When the controller is turned off, you just need to repeat the process, and your controller will be restarted. 

5. Auto-Sleep Setting May Be On

Your controller might have the auto-sleep setting on, which is one of the biggest reasons controllers are disconnected. Thus, you should turn off this auto-sleep setting and protect your controller from getting frequently disconnected. 

6. Outdated Controller Drivers 

If you’re using the controllers with a gaming PC, just as most gamers do, you might face the problem of outdated firmware. You need to follow certain steps to update these outdated drivers.

  • Click on the Windows + X on your PC’s keyboard and visit the Device Manager. 
  • It would help if you searched for the Microsoft Xbox One Controller category here. 
  • Double-click over it to expand. 
  • You should select the Search automatically option to inform you whenever Windows needs to be updated. 
  • Install the Drivers. 

7. Software Issue Might Need You To Reconnect The Controllers

Before restarting your Xbox console, you should disconnect the controller and then reconnect them. For instance, if you have a wired controller, unplug it from the port and reconnect it, and if you have a wireless controller, then just reconnect the virtual connection. This fix might help you to fix the connectivity issue. 

8. Broken Controller 

At last, you might have a controller with a potential hardware issue. Any of your little kids might have physically damaged the controller because the controller is not working properly. In such a case, you should take the Xbox to a professional and try to get it repaired. However, the last choice would be to change the controller. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Why won’t my Xbox controller stay on when it’s fully charged?

When your controller is not working properly even after showing full battery and no other potential error, you could try out some of the fixes mentioned in the article. All these fixes will surely help you fix this controller issue. 

  • Why does my Bluetooth controller keep disconnecting? 

Bluetooth controllers generally do not connect during their lower power state. To tackle this issue, you have to change the power settings of the Bluetooth. 

  • Why does my Xbox Elite controller keep disconnecting from my PC? 

Generally, the Xbox Elite controller gets disconnected from the PC because of the outdated Xbox One Controller driver. Update the drivers to resolve the issue and connect your controller to the PC. 

Wrapping Up 

There are various reasons why the Xbox controller keeps disconnecting, even after having the full battery. Though everything might seem fine, one of the problems in your controller is mentioned in the list above. Use all 8 fixes to make your Xbox controller better. We hope you like the guide and get your Xbox controller to work again without wasting money. 

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