The Best Mascara Shade for Your Eye Color

Because black mascara is a mainstay in most makeup bags, it’s unlikely that most of us have ever really considered an alternative. However, it might not work if you want your eyes to stand out. To determine which shade of mascara will match your eye color the best, we spoke with cosmetic artists. Find out if you should choose a subtle brown mascara or one that is more fun, like purple or navy blue, by reading on. Then prepare for a real eye-popping experience.

The Best Mascara Shade for Your Eye Color

Blue Eyes: Brown Mascara

Close up of Woman with Blue Eyes

For blue eyes, makeup expert Laura Pucker suggests brown mascara over black, as it complements the blue tones of the eyes. Brown mascara can enhance the brightness of the whites of the eyes, further accentuating the blue color, according to Audrey Boyce, a cosmetologist. This choice offers a softer, more natural look while still emphasizing the blue hue.

Brown Eyes: Blue Mascara

Close Up Of Brown Eyes

Vincent Oquendo and Stevi Christine recommend navy or cobalt blue mascara for brown eyes. These cool-toned shades provide a striking contrast to the warmth of brown eyes, making them stand out. Blue mascara adds a subtle pop of color without overwhelming the overall look, especially suitable for those who prefer a more understated makeup style.

Green Eyes: Black Mascara

Close Up of Green Eyes

When it comes to green eyes, experts advise sticking with black mascara to intensify the vibrant eye color. According to Laura Pucker, black mascara enhances the green tones, making them appear more vivid. For a softer daytime look, a deep charcoal shade can offer definition with a hint of softness, suggests Pucker. Aimee Carr recommends adding a touch of green mascara towards the ends of the lashes over a base of black mascara for a statement nighttime look.

Hazel Eyes: Purple Mascara

Close Up of Hazel Eyes

For hazel eyes, Vincent Oquendo suggests opting for purple mascara to make the eyes glow. The cool tones of purple contrast beautifully with the warm tones of hazel eyes, creating a striking effect. To amplify the purple color, Oquendo advises applying black mascara at the lash roots first, allowing it to dry, then coating the full lashes with purple mascara. This extra step enhances the density of the lashes and ensures a standout look.

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