9 Coat Styling Tips If You’re Over 60: A Few Essential Considerations for Selecting the Right Coats

As fall arrives, signalling the approach of winter and the transition into spring, having a variety of coats becomes essential. However, choosing and styling outerwear can pose challenges, especially with a preference against bulky options, especially for older individuals. Despite these challenges, some useful coat styling tips cater to those over 60, ensuring both comfort and style.

Certified image stylist Elizabeth Kosich, the founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, emphasizes the frequency of wearing coats throughout the year. “Spending about half the year in a coat can lead to monotony and discomfort,” she remarks. “Finding versatile, flattering coats becomes essential to maintain a chic look throughout autumn to spring. Efficiency is key when shopping for coats.”

9 Coat Styling Tips If You’re Over 60

If you’re seeking to update your coat collection or refine existing pieces, our specialists offer valuable insights. Here are nine tips for styling and wearing coats after 60.

1.Opt for Timeless Pieces

older woman trench coat

To get the most out of your outerwear, selecting timeless styles is crucial.

“When styling a coat for individuals over 60, it’s best to choose a timeless style that feels comfortable,” suggests Siobhan Alvarez, lifestyle expert and founder of She Shines Media. Classic pieces like trench coats or standard pea coats are enduring options.

2. Choose Coats with Belts

coat with a belt

Belted coats can lend a timeless appearance while maintaining a flattering silhouette. Quality materials like double-faced wool or cashmere provide warmth without bulkiness. Ensuring a wide, high-quality sash belt contributes to a refined look.

While lapels might seem insignificant, Kosich emphasizes their importance. “Medium-width lapels are trend-proof; other extreme widths are not,” she advises.

3. Style Puffer Coats Wisely

Puffer coats, while warm, can appear bulky if not styled correctly. Kosich recommends avoiding bulky layers beneath the coat and complementing it with a wooly or furry hat for a streamlined appearance.

puffer coats on hangers

4. Stick to Neutral Colors

woman wearing neutral colored coat

Neutral shades are recommended for puffer coats. Vibrant colors can be overwhelming and push the look too far, detracting from versatility.

5. Enhance with Accessories

Smiling Woman Outdoor Portrait. Short blonde hair fashion model wears stylish clothes, double-breasted jacket, leather handbag, ochre knitted scarf and glasses. Fashion trend of autumn or spring

Accessories like scarves or statement necklaces can add a pop of color to neutral coats like black or camel. This easy layering and accessorizing keep the look fresh year after year.

6. Consider Vests

woman wearing vest hat and scarf

For milder days or transitioning between seasons, vests offer a lighter option. A longer maxi vest creates flattering lines and maintains style through different seasons.

7. Adapt to Different Climates

Stylish chic senior woman in black leather jacket

For varying climates, consider alternatives like cropped jean jackets, leather jackets, or trench coats. These versatile styles work well in different weather conditions and can be dressed up or down.

8. Embrace Sweater Coats

older woman wearing belted sweater coat

Sweater coats provide comfort while maintaining a flattering silhouette. These draped options offer a break from stiff outerwear and can be paired with cozy knits for a luxurious yet comfortable style.

9. Choose Layer-Friendly Coats

older woman in trench coat

Investing in a car coat, suitable for layering, is recommended for individuals over 60. This versatile overcoat allows various layers, offering experimentation and different looks throughout the season.

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