Brittany Tarwater Biography, Age, Career and More

Brittany Tarwater is a well-known anchor and reporter for WVLT. She has been a major figure in Knoxville journalism, providing viewers with comprehensive coverage and excellent storytelling. Tarwater has won multiple Edward R. Murrow and Emmy awards, a testament to the dedication and skills she has in broadcast journalism.

Brittany Tarwater: Who is she?

Brittany Tarwater, originally from Tampa, Florida has left a lasting impression in Knoxville, since she moved there in 2005. She is not only a talented journalist, but also a former athlete. Tarwater was the Lady Volunteer Swim Team at the University of Tennessee where she excelled as an SEC Champion.

What educational background supports her career?

Brittany Tarwater has a strong academic background, highlighted by her Master’s degree from University of Tennessee. Her educational background and her competitive sports experience have equipped her with a disciplined perspective, which she uses in her journalism career.

Brittany Tarwater: How has she excelled in her field?

Brittany Tarwater, who joined WVLT in 2010, has been a standout for her sharp reporting and anchoring. She has not only won six Emmys, but also the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award. Her work encompasses a wide range of areas, such as writing, documentary production and promotion, instructional reporting and breaking news. This demonstrates her versatility and dedication to journalism.

What are some personal insights into her life?

Brittany Tarwater has two children with Davis: Davis Russell and Clara Rose. The couple married in 2015. Their family is full of joy, with a busy schedule that balances professional obligations and parenting. Tarwater is also close to her mother and often features her in her social media updates.

What is Brittany Tarwater’s engagement with her community?

Tarwater engages with her fans on social media regularly, beyond her professional accomplishments. Tarwater is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She shares both her personal and professional moments, helping to maintain a strong relationship with the community that she serves.

What is Brittany Tarwater’s secret to success?

Brittany Tarwater is driven and determined by her experience as an athlete, and her commitment to the community. Her desire to tell compelling tales and her ability under pressure fueled her transition from sports into journalism. These traits have translated to her successful career as a news broadcaster.

The conclusion of the article is:

Brittany Tarwater, not only an anchor, is also a storyteller and community leader, as well as a role-model for aspiring journalists. Her career from the University of Tennessee swimming pools to the WVLT news desk demonstrates her versatility and dedication. Tarwater’s broadcasts continue to engage, inform and inspire her audiences, making her an asset to the Knoxville area and to journalism.


Brittany Tarwater is a unique figure in the broadcast journalism field because of her academic excellence, athletic achievements, and journalistic skills.

What is the best way for viewers to connect with Brittany Tarwater?

Brittany Tarwater can be connected with through her social media platforms. She actively updates her followers and engages them.

Which awards has Brittany Tarwater received? 

Brittany Tarwater, a multi-Emmy award-winning journalist and Edward R. Murrow Award-winning journalist is recognized for her outstanding contribution to broadcast journalism.

Brittany Tarwater studied at the University of Tennessee?

She was also a member of the Lady Volunteer Swim Team.

What is Brittany Tarwater’s contribution to her community? 

Brittany Tarwater, in addition to her reporting and anchoring duties engages her community via social media, and takes part in local events. She has become a prominent public figure in Knoxville.

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