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Find the Truth About Eaticc Com: Is It Truly a Legit Site?

In this comprehensive review, we aim to provide you with essential insights that are not readily available elsewhere. Join us as we go deep into Eaticc Com Reviews. sets its sights on delivering an extensive array of branded and licensed products within the United States. The website has earned customers’ trust by emphasizing fan services and nurturing enduring relationships. Their mission statement is underpinned by a commitment to a 90-day hassle-free return policy and the assurance of a 100% secure shopping experience. Read on to uncover more in our Eaticc Com Reviews.

Eaticc Com Reviews is a relatively new website that operates as a help desk and shopping platform. However, it has raised concerns by being associated with a network of potentially fraudulent websites.

Various elements, including its content, product pages, policies, email communications, website design, and logo, appear to have been copied from questionable sources. Some of these suspicious websites include,,,,, and

What Does Eaticc.Com Sell?

Health and wellness items,

Cleaning and utility equipment,

Electronic scales and meters,



Clothing, shoes, and accessories,

Smart devices,




Baby products,


Tablets, mobiles, and accessories, and

Home decor,

Lighting, Etc

How Legitimate is Or Is It a Scam?

· offers household items for purchase on its website. Here is a comprehensive examination of the features to determine whether is legitimate or potentially a scam:

·         Website:

·         Price Range: $9.00 to $60.00

·         Privacy Policy: Mentioned but appears to be plagiarized on Eaticc.

·         Email Address: [email protected] (identified as a fake email listed on six unauthentic websites and pertains to different and inactive domain).

·         Delivery Policy: Orders are delivered internationally within 9 days by Eaticc.

·         Shipping Policy: Eaticc takes 2 days to process an order.

·         Tracking: Possible by specifying order number and email at

·         Terms and Conditions: Mentioned but appears to be plagiarized on Eaticc.

·         Return Policy: Eaticc allows 365 days to return items.

·         Exchanges: Eaticc allows 14 days to exchange an item. Final sale items do not qualify for exchange.

·         Restocking Fee: No fee.

·         Refunds Policy: Eaticc processes refunds in the form of e-gift cards applicable on exchanges and e-vouchers that can be applied to new purchases.

·         Refund Timeline: 20 days.

·         Mode of Refund: Mode of refund was contradicted as bank or credit cards.

·         Mode of Payment: Via PayPal/Visa/MasterCard/JCB in US$.

·         Newsletters: Not published by Eaticc.

·         FAQ: Not included on Eaticc.

·         Contact Person/Phone (or) WhatsApp Number/Store Locations/Cookies Policy/Physical Address/Company Number/Carrier Details/Cancellation Policy/Cancellation Fee/Guarantee/Warranty: Unspecified


Free worldwide shipping without any cap on order amount.


·         Unrealistic discount of 50% on all orders.

·         Unrealistic return policy of 365 days.

·         Return policy contradicted as 90 days in the “About Us” section.

·         Mode of refund specified was redundant and misleading.

·         Product specifications and description were unspecified.

·         Poor user interface of Eaticc, without filtering, sorting, and categorization.

·         Only 99 quantities of items are allowed in a single order.

·         Size of apparel offered on Eaticc may differ.

·         It is impossible to contact Eaticc’s customer service due to an inactive email.

The Legitimacy of

·         Eaticc Creation: 18th September 2023, new website.

·         Eaticc Age: 1 month old.

·         Eaticc Last Updated: 18th September 2023.

·         Eaticc Expiry: 18th September 2024, short life expectancy.

·         Eaticc Life Expectancy: Expires within 11 months.

·         Business Ranking: 38.3% down.

·         Trust Index: 32% down.

·         Domain Authority: 1/100 down.

·         Alexa Rank: 0.

·         Place of Origin: Iceland, considered a high-risk country.

·         Suspicious Websites Proximity: 29% up.

·         Threat Profile: 48% up.

·         Phishing Score: 44% down.

·         Malware Score: 48% up.

·         Spam Score: 46% down.

·         Blacklisting Status: Eaticc is not blacklisted.

·         Connection Security: Eaticc uses a secured HTTPS protocol.

·         SSL Status: Its IP has Low-Domain Validated Certificates (DV-SSL) for the next 59 days.

·         Owner’s Identity and Contact: Paid privacy services of were used to censor identity and contact information of the owner.

·         Backlinks: 5, including three Do-Follow links.

·         Eaticc Servers: Eaticc relays its services using server serial# 079e492886376fd40848c23fc631e463 and 4001772137d4e942b8ee76aa3c640ab7 targeting ( and ( located in Japan and the USA, respectively.

·         Registrar: NameCheap Inc, which is popular among scammers.

·         ISP: CloudFlare Inc., USA.

·         Traffic: Tranco’s Eaticc traffic rank and average monthly visitor count are low, yielding $0 traffic value.

·         Eaticc Reviews of Performance: Eaticc has an average load speed time of 1.10 seconds, with 75% C-performance grade and a landing page size of 1.2 MB.

Customer Reviews

Eleven websites and two YouTube reviews suggest that may be a scam. No individual user reviews for were found on social media or customer review websites. Eaticc does not support product reviews or blogging.

Social Media Links

·         Eaticc is not present on any social media platforms.

·         Links for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram mentioned on Eaticc are inactive.

Conclusion Reviews indicate that may be a scam, luring customers to make purchases/payments by promising 365-day returns, 100% secured SSL transactions, heavy discounts, and free shipping. Due to low trust, business, suspicion, malware, and threat scores, is considered risky for financial transactions and personal and payment data.

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