Usps Uspspsk Com Scam: Check It Is Legit or Not!

Know the Legitimacy of Is It a Scam?, a site associated with the Usps Uspspsk Com Scam, offers a platform that appears to be used for smishing (SMS phishing) scams targeting USPS (United States Postal Service) customers. Here’s an examination of the features and legitimacy of

Usps Uspspsk Com Scam

· was listed with ICANN and described as “Your package is on hold for an invalid recipient address. Fill in correct address info by link.”

· is considered an I-Frame, meaning it operates within another website. It is suspected to host the pages of, the main focus of the scam.

·, linked to, utilizes Linkfly’s services, which generate encrypted links for marketing and promotions. These links can be shared across platforms.

· imitates the official USPS website and offers to redeliver packages without verifying the delivery address.

·         The website accepts any combination of details in the contact form, including redundant or fake information, and prompts users for small dollar payments via credit cards.

Dummy Pages of Usps Uspspsk Com Scam

·         The small dollar payment requested is typically less than $1, likely a ploy to place authorization charges on credit cards. This enables to collect credit card details and personal information from customers.

·         Smishing messages related to began circulating on October 16, 2023, and the first Better Business Bureau (BBB) customer complaint was filed on October 17, 2023, by a customer in Wisconsin, USA.

Features of Usps Uspspsk Com Scam

· utilizes servers located in China, a high-risk country.

·         The ISP of is Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co. Ltd, which is known for hosting suspicious websites.

·         The website has very low monthly traffic and no backlinks.

· has a fast page load speed and employs a secured HTTPS protocol.

·         It is not blacklisted.

Legitimacy of Usps Uspspsk Com Scam

· has an extremely low trust score, low domain authority, and no Alexa ranking. These factors indicate that the website is high-risk for financial transactions and the security of users’ personal and payment data.

·         The website was registered and updated recently, with a short life expectancy.

·         Its IP has a low-domain validated certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt.

Conclusion, associated with the Usps Uspspsk Com Scam, is likely a scam. The official USPS website for scheduling package redelivery is “,” and imitates this URL to deceive customers. It is advisable to avoid accessing and refrain from providing personal and payment information to this site, which appears to be engaged in SMS phishing scams targeting USPS customers.

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