Eliso Kiladze Fight Video Leaked on Twitter: Consolidated Highlights of the Original

The global boxing community is throbbing over the leaked video of the renowned boxer Eliso Kiladze, alternatively known as Iago Kiladze or Яго Кіладзе. Kiladze, who initially represented Georgia until 2006 and subsequently became a Ukrainian boxer in 2007, won the prestigious title of World Boxing Association Inter-Continental cruiserweight champion. In this article, let’s know the details of the original Eliso Kiladze Fight Video Leaked on Twitter

Eliso Kiladze Fight Video Leaked on Twitter

Efe Ajagba, a 29-year-old Nigerian boxer, holds a unique distinction in the boxing world for achieving the fastest victory in the sport’s history. In the ring, Eliso Kiladze, a 37-year-old Cruiserweight and Heavyweight boxer, has participated in a total of 34 fights, securing 27 victories, enduring 6 losses, and settling for 1 draw.  However, their fight video was not available on Twitter.

In contrast, Efe has partaken in 19 bouts, triumphing in 18 of them and suffering just a single defeat. These contrasting records set the stage for a highly anticipated fight, which we’ll explore further in the subsequent sections.

Interpreting the Eliso Kiladze Fight Video

The video in question made its debut online with intriguing taglines such as “Ajagba, Efe KO5 Iago Kiladze” and “Efe Ajagba Goes Down Stops Eliso Kiladze Fight Video” on the 9th of October 2023. This footage captured a memorable boxing match between Efe and Kiladze, which occurred on the 21st of December 2019 at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California, USA.

Find the Video on YouTube

The taglines within the video’s description provide essential insights. “Ajagba, Efe” refers to the Nigerian boxer, while “KO5” signifies that Ajagba achieved a knockout victory over Kiladze in the fifth round. “Iago Kiladze” corresponds to the full name of the Ukrainian boxer.

Fortunately for those intrigued by the matchup, the complete video of their intense fight can be accessed on YouTube. Despite Kiladze’s greater age and extensive professional boxing experience, the outcome was far from what spectators had anticipated. As we delve into the subsequent rounds, we’ll uncover the twists and turns of this engaging bout.

Insights of Rounds 1 to 5 on TikTok

Round 1

Round 1 witnessed both fighters cautiously testing each other’s strengths. However, Efe set the tone with a powerful punch that resonated throughout the arena. Kiladze, on the other hand, maintained a composed and defensive stance, ready to retaliate.

Regrettably, no clips of the match found their way to TikTok. From the outset, it was apparent that this would be a gruelling contest, with Efe displaying his aggressive strategy.

Round 2

The second round showcased both fighters relentlessly trading blows. While Kiladze managed to land a few solid punches, Efe’s punches resonated with far greater impact. These details were fervently discussed on various Reddit forums as they significantly shook Kiladze. Efe’s dominance became more evident in the second round.

Round 3

Round 3 painted a challenging picture for Kiladze as he struggled to counter Efe’s relentless onslaught. Nonetheless, Kiladze managed to surprise everyone with a rapid punch that knocked Efe to the canvas, an incident that sparked considerable discussion on Reddit. This development hinted at Kiladze’s resilience and his capacity to counter Efe’s aggressive approach.

Round 4

Round 4 arrived with both fighters deadlocked and equally determined to emerge victoriously. Unfortunately, there were no posts related to the match on Instagram. As the round unfolded, both boxers persisted in trading powerful punches, with Efe exhibiting greater accuracy and attempting to overpower Kiladze. Kiladze put forth a valiant effort, but Efe’s skill and strategic prowess placed him firmly in the lead.

Round 5: The climax of fight on Telegram

The climax of the fight unfolded in the fifth round when Efe once again asserted his dominance over Kiladze. A massive right-hand punch from Efe sent Kiladze tumbling to the canvas, leaving no room for doubt that Efe was determined to secure a victory. Seizing the opportunity, Efe zealously pursued Kiladze, delivering a flurry of punches at an astonishing speed and rate. Surprisingly, no Telegram posts related to Efe and Kiladze’s fight were discovered.

Summing up

In the face of Efe’s relentless assault and the significant damage sustained by Kiladze, his corner decided to intervene, thereby concluding the contest. From the beginning of the match, it was evident that Efe had adopted a fierce attacking strategy, ultimately overpowering Kiladze. Strikingly, Instagram remained devoid of any posts related to the Efe and Kiladze fight. Kiladze, while adopting a defensive approach, failed to deliver effective punches against his formidable opponent.

The facts surrounding “Ajagba, Efe KO5 Iago Kiladze” offer valuable insights into the thrilling confrontation between Efe and Kiladze. If you’ve been following this fight, we invite you to share your thoughts and comments regarding this article.

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