Epix (MGM+) Free Trial For 7 Days in 2023

Epix (MGM+) is an online streaming platform for US movies, web series, and TV shows. This OTT platform is gaining so much popularity these days because this platform consists of various unique and popular content. If you want to try the Epix free trial before spending money, follow this guide. In this guide, we have mentioned all the required steps to access the 7-day free trial before spending money. 

What is the “Epix Now” Platform?

“Epix Now” is a popular streaming platform for TV Shows and Movies in the United States. MGM Studios owns this OTT platform. This platform allows you to watch the EPIX Original Series such as The Lost City, Get Shorty, Godfather of Harlem, Top Gun: Maverick etc. 

Like the other OTT platforms, the “Epix Now” also has a subscription fee of $6/Month. It is one of the lowest fees in the US. Thus, in this way, Epix Now has become one of the potential competitors of the OTT giants like Netflix, Hulu, and others. 

What is The Major Difference Between Epix and Epix Now?

“Epix” is typically a TV premier network including four channels: Epix, Epix 2, Epix Hits, and Epix Drive-In. At the same time, “Epix Now” is a streaming platform that allows you to watch many movies, web series and all four Epix TV channels. It doesn’t even require that traditional cable connection. 

Epix Channels have made their name because of the eye-catching and entertaining titles. If you want to access the Epix Channels, you can get it through a TV cable connection subscription or directly through the Epix Online Live TV subscription. “Epix Now” doesn’t relate to the traditional TV connection, which allows you to freely watch hundreds of live streams, videos, movies, and TV shows through the internet connection only. 

How to Watch Epix For Free Trial In 2023? 

Epix Now is offering a 7-day free trial to all new members. It allows new users to try the platform before spending money on it. During the trial period, users can access any content free of cost. Thus, it doesn’t restrict you from accessing anything.  

However, once the seven days end, you must pay the $6/month fee to access the content. If you do not like the content during this MGM free trial, you can cancel your subscription even on the last day of your Epix 7-day free trial. 

Let’s see the step-by-step process to grab the Epix free trial. 

  1. Primarily, you have to visit the official site of Epix Now. 
  2. You will see the “Subscribe” option in the top-left corner of the screen; click on it. 
  3. Then, you will find the “7-Day Free Trial” option. 
  4. It will ask you to enter your required email and password to create your new account. 
  5. You can also freely download the Epix App from your required store, including Google Play Store. 
  6. Then, you can fill up your credentials to access your account over the application. 
  7. They will ask you to fill up your payment details but will only charge you once the free period ends. Thus, you need not be scared of filling up your payment details. 

Can You Watch Epix 30-Days Free Trial Without Credit Card?

Firstly, Epix Now is not offering the 30-day free trial but the 7-day one. The 7-day free trial is also only for new members, and that’s too after filling up your credit card information. The 7-day free trial is not constant but varies based on place to place. 

However, if you do not have a credit card or are scared of using your card, then you can also use the “Virtual Credit Card.” It will not contain your real information but allow you to access the free trial. Alternatively, you can use any of your non-usable debit cards, which currently have no money. 

Special Discount For Philo Users 

All the Philo users get access to the vast network lineup of the Epix network and its on-demand library. Though this Epix network has a $6/month fee, all the Philo users only get the first 3 months for $3/month. 

The Philo platform also allows you to benefit from a 7-day free trial. Follow two given steps to access the free trial. 

  1. Open your Philo’s official account. 
  2. Click on the Subscribe button to access the Epix channel bundle. 

Finally, filling up your credentials will allow you the first 7-days for free. However, you can cancel it as well before your 7-day ends. But you must also be careful, as it will automatically upgrade your bundle to the Epix/MGM Plus. 

How to Cancel The Epix Free Trial? 

It is easy to cancel the Epix subscription in the free trial period. Just follow the several steps mentioned below to cancel your MGM free trial.  

For Android Users

  1. It would help if you had the Epix application installed on your device. 
  2. You will see the “Profile” button in the top-right corner and need to click on it. 
  3. It will take you to a window, and you must open the “Payments and Subscription” through the menu. 
  4. Then, you must click on the “Epix Now Subscription” and tap the cancel button. 

For iOS Users 

  1. It would be best to install your iTunes account on your iOS device. 
  2. Now, you must go to the drop-down menu and click the “View Apple ID” button. 
  3. This list will have all your subscriptions, and you must search for the Epix Now membership. 
  4. Then, you can easily click on the “Cancel Subscription.”

To Wrap Up 

Epix Free Trial is one of the best ways to check the platform. In the 7-day trial, you won’t find any restrictions and freely access the entire platform. This platform, Epix Now, allows you to try out all the content just by using the Virtual Credit Card. We hope you like the guide and find the right way to access the 7-day free trial for this MGM+ platform. 

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