Evri Online Support Scam – Investigating the Details and Reviews

Evri Online Support Scam: Have you been the recipient of a text message claiming to be from Evri’s customer support system? Are you feeling suspicious about the Evri Delivery Solution Company’s text messages? The Evri Delivery Solution aims to provide information on its website to help customers identify scams bearing its name.

The Evri Online Support Scam

Scammers often set their sights on customers of well-established companies to extract personal information for various fraudulent purposes. The name of the Evri delivery system has become a prime target for scammers who send phishing text messages to unsuspecting victims via links and emails.

Its Modus Operandi

These fraudulent messages, impersonating customer support, ask individuals to click on a link and divulge their personal and financial details under the guise of resolving issues with a supposedly “stuck” parcel. Scammers employ fake branding and trademarks, pretending to be affiliated with Evri delivery solutions, to deceive customers. In some cases, the links redirect individuals to scam websites designed to extract their personal data.

Legitimacy of Evri-onlinesupport.com

An entity claiming to be a customer support portal for Evri delivery solutions has made its presence online. Below, we provide several legitimate details regarding this domain to assess its authenticity:

  • Domain creation date: 23rd October 2023
  • Domain expiration date: 23rd October 2024
  • Presently inaccessible, but details can be found on legitimate dating sites
  • Negligible website traffic
  • Trust index of 2.6%, indicating low trustworthiness
  • A threat profile score of 98/100
  • Trust score of 36/100, with rating sites labeling it a suspicious portal
  • No discernible social media presence
  • Poor search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Possesses a valid SSL but a low domain-validated certificate

Various Types of Evri Scam Messages

  • The package delivery address requires validation.
  • Parcel shipment is encountering issues linked to payments.
  • Pending deliveries from Evri demand your confirmation.
  • An Evri parcel is allegedly stuck in customs, requiring a payment for delivery.

Evri Online Support Reviews

The Evri support website has not accumulated any customer reviews in the digital sphere, as it is a mere two days old. Numerous posts on social platforms such as Twitter indicate that scammers exploit various domains using the name Evri to defraud unsuspecting customers. Most reputable rating websites have labeled the Evri online support portal as suspicious. Those in search of Evri customer support should direct their inquiries to the legitimate Evri.com portal.

Its Official Website

The Evri.com portal is the official website for Evri delivery solutions, boasting a customer rating of 4.2 derived from 3,929 reviews. Respectable rating websites have assigned low ratings to the suspicious website in their Evri Online Support Reviews.

Identifying Red Flags of the Evri Text Scam

  • Messages lack specific customer names and details.
  • They contain links to the Evri portal’s domain.
  • The messages prompt users to download software.
  • Numerous spelling and grammatical errors are present.
  • Urgent action is often requested.
  • Personal and financial information is solicited.
  • Messages originate from phone numbers outside the region.


Scammers are exploiting the name of Evri Delivery Company to disseminate fraudulent text messages to various individuals. Evri-onlinesupport.com is one of the portals frequently used by scammers to acquire the financial and personal data of unsuspecting citizens. If you receive suspicious messages and links, it is crucial to promptly report such incidents to the relevant authorities.

Have you received an Evri scam message recently? We welcome your comments below.

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