Matt Benting Obituary: Exclusive Details About Pembroke, MA

Matt Benting Obituary: The sudden and tragic passing of a young individual, Matt Benting, has left a profound impact on the United States. In the wake of this shocking news, people have been searching for information about Matt Benting’s obituary. In this blog, we aim to provide you with the details of this somber event.

Matt Benting Obituary

Visitation hours for Matt Benting will be held at Shepherd Funeral Home, 7 Mattakeesett St., Pembroke, on Tuesday, June 14, from 4:00 to 8:00 PM. A funeral mass is scheduled for June 15 at 11:00 AM at St. Theclas Church in Pembroke, followed by interment at the Washington St. Cemetery in Norwell.

This obituary gathering will be attended by Matt Benting’s family members and a circle of friends, all deeply affected by his untimely passing.

Reason of Matt’s Passing Away

Matthew Benting, a 20-year-old resident of Pembroke, passed away suddenly six weeks ago due to complications arising from an undisclosed heart condition. The night before his passing, Matt had participated in a summer league hockey game. He was described as one of the most cheerful individuals you could meet.

Matt Benting of Pembroke, MA

On the night of June 10, 2016, just before his untimely death, Matt Benting, as recalled by his mother, Laura Benting, went out with his family. He tended to the lawn, prepared his hockey gear, and informed everyone that he was off to a summer league hockey game.

Matt Benting’s Early Sports Involvement

During the game, he utilized his asthma inhaler and informed his fellow players that he was experiencing breathing difficulties. Matt Benting of Pembroke, MA, had been actively involved in various sports through the Pembroke Youth Athletic Programs from a young age. Encouraged by his older brothers and following in the footsteps of his father Kenneth and his grandfather Robert, he participated in a variety of sports. Later, he worked as an umpire for a local baseball team.

Passion for Hockey

During his four years at Pembroke High School, Matthew engaged in numerous sports. Hockey was his primary passion, followed closely by football.

Why Matt Benting’s Obituary Resurfaces Now?

Matt Benting’s story is still being discussed because his family has recently experienced another tragedy. Matt’s younger brother, Joe, had gone missing, and now his family has found Joe’s lifeless body. This renewed focus on Matt’s life and legacy stems from the family’s profound and heartbreaking loss.

Matthew’s Passion for the Outdoors

Matthew had a deep appreciation for the outdoors. He relished activities such as fishing, skiing, and boating. During vacations, he spent a considerable amount of time at his family’s lake cottage in New Hampshire.


Beyond his athletic pursuits, he worked as a lifeguard at Duxbury Beach and Percy Walker Pool for the Duxbury Recreation Department.

His Talents

His talents extended to playing the drums, dancing, and singing. He was known for his vibrant presence at parties and cherished the time he spent with friends and family.

Biography of Matt Benting, Pembroke, MA

  • Full Name: Matthew Benting
  • Date of Birth: Not available
  • Hometown: Pembroke, MA
  • Known for: Aspiring hockey player
  • Student of: Bridgewater State University
  • Parents: Father – Kenneth Benting, Mother – Laura Benting
  • Age at Time of Passing: 20 years
  • Net Worth: Not available

Summing up

We have covered all the details related to Matt Benting’s obituary. His untimely passing at a young age has led to the creation of a scholarship in honour of his remarkable character. This scholarship is known as the K Matthew Benting Memorial Scholarship.

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