Surprising Clothing Pairings to Try After 60, According to Stylists.

Exploring new fashion combinations can be a rewarding experience, even as we age and our style evolves. Instead of rushing for a shopping spree, you can infuse freshness into your look using items you already own. If you’re eager to switch things up, stylists offer specific suggestions for clothing pairings to try after 60.

Surprising Clothing Pairings to Try After 60

1. Navy Blue and Black

woman in black turtleneck

Contrary to the belief that navy blue and black should not be combined, stylist Elizabeth Kosich suggests embracing this pairing for an elegant and sophisticated look. Inspired by the chic style of French women, she recommends donning a black turtleneck under a navy blazer with blue jeans for a polished appearance. A little black dress under a navy-blue puffer coat or a navy-blue sheath dress with a black trench coat also creates a magical and repeat-worthy ensemble.

2. Flowy White Top and Denim Overalls

mature woman white top and overalls

Overalls can be stylish and feminine when paired well. Melissa Fiorentino, a professional stylist, suggests layering a flowy white blouse under overalls and completing the look with white Keds. This combination is described as fun, practical, and feminine, offering a fresh take on a classic look.

3. Scarf as a Belt

silk scarf

For a subtle change, consider replacing your standard belt with a scarf. Elizabeth Kosich recommends folding a scarf into a triangle, rolling, twisting, and threading it through the belt loops of your trousers. Alternatively, you can fold it in half, tie the ends around the waist, creating an asymmetrical triangle. This simple adjustment can break up a monochromatic look or add a colorful print to a neutral outfit.

4. Pants and Dresses

folded brown trousers

Layering trousers under dresses is a sophisticated and unexpected pairing observed in cosmopolitan circles, according to Kosich. This combination works particularly well with wrap dresses, wide-leg trousers, and a modest heel, such as booties, kitten heels, or wedges. It adds an element of surprise and high style to your ensemble.

5. Denim on Denim

mature woman wearing denim on denim

The once-cringeworthy “Canadian tuxedo” is making a fashionable comeback. Stylist Melissa Fiorentino encourages embracing denim on denim, which involves wearing your favorite jeans and jean jacket together. This combination is considered more interesting than a generic outfit and can be paired with various shoes, from chunky heels to ballet flats to sneakers.

6. Turtlenecks and Dresses or Tunics

yellow turtleneck on hanger

For a fall and winter-ready look, consider pairing a cozy turtleneck with a more formal dress. Elizabeth Kosich suggests combining comfort and style by layering a turtleneck with a silk slip dress or tunic top. opt for a high-tech top or choose a turtleneck that complements or contrasts with your dress or tunic print for a stylish layered look.

7. Socks and Sandals

socks and sandals

Breaking the traditional norm, pairing socks with sandals can be a chic way to extend the life of your summer shoes into colder months. Elizabeth Kosich recommends trying open-toed, block-heel sandals with nylon socks and trousers or bright tights and a skirt. Adding textured tights with patterns like floral, stripes, or geometric designs, or metallic sparkles for the holiday season, creates a fun and next-level stylish look.

Remember, fashion is a form of self-expression, and experimenting with these unexpected pairings can add a touch of excitement to your style.

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