The 12 Best Belt Bags for Women, to Feel Cute—And Keep Both Hands Free

Belt bags for women have become a coveted accessory, offering the perfect combination of functionality and style. These hands-free carryalls are not only practical but also serve as an additional pocket, enhancing the overall appeal of any outfit. With an array of options flooding the market, selecting the ideal belt bag requires consideration of factors such as intended use, size, and material. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the best belt bags for various needs, ensuring you find the perfect balance between utility and fashion.

What to Consider When Buying a Belt Bag:

When choosing a belt bag, know what is essential to consider:

Your Intended Use

Tailor your choice based on specific activities, whether it’s for workouts, travel, or casual outings. A belt bag designed for jogging might differ significantly from one suitable for a casual walk around town or a night out at a concert.


Size is another critical factor. Consider the dimensions based on what you typically carry, ensuring the bag strikes a balance between spaciousness and comfort. A bag that’s too large may feel cumbersome, while one that’s too small might limit its practicality.


Material choice also plays a crucial role. Depending on your style and intended use, options range from polished leather for a more refined look to durable nylon, polyester, or canvas for casual situations. Consider factors like ease of cleaning, durability, and water resistance when evaluating materials.

Since When Are Belt Bags Back in Style?

Despite past stereotypes, belt bags are back in style, thanks to their resurgence in the ’90s and Y2K trends. Gen Z influencers and celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner have embraced these stylish accessories, pairing them with both athleisure and dressier outfits.

The 12 Best Belt Bags for Women

 1. Kånken

A beige-colored Kanken Water Resistant Belt Bag on a white background

For travelers, the Water-Resistant Belt Bag from Kånken proves to be an ideal choice. Priced at $55, it boasts dimensions of 7.5 inches by 4.5 inches by 3 inches, making it TSA-friendly and perfect for slipping through security checks. The synthetic material, available in black, grey, plum, and blush, features a zipper closure and front/back pockets for keys, money, and passports, catering to practical needs.

2. Lululemon

Navy blue Lululemon belt bag on gray background

Lululemon’s Everywhere Belt Bag, priced at $38, has become a viral hit for its simplicity and versatility. Measuring 7.5 inches by 5 inches by 2 inches, this sporty belt bag comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to match it with your sportswear effortlessly. Its exterior, crafted from 100% polyester, makes it an affordable yet stylish choice for those on the go.

3. Gucci

Gucci's Ophidia Belt Bag against a white background

For those looking to invest in high-end luxury, Gucci’s Ophidia GG Small Belt Bag stands out. Priced at $1,200, this classic choice showcases the signature beige step-and-repeat double G fabric. With dimensions of 9.4 inches by 6.7 inches by 1.4 inches, it offers timeless elegance and versatility. The bag can also convert to a sling with a 31.9-inch strap, making it a versatile investment.


Italian Pebbled Leather Sling Bag in Cognac from Quince against a white background

Quince’s Italian Pebbled Leather Sling, priced at $69, reflects simplicity and sophistication. Within just five years since the brand’s inception, Quince has become synonymous with high-quality basics. Measuring 11 inches by 5.75 inches by 1.5 inches, this leather belt bag comes in cognac, mink, or black, featuring a thick, adjustable 32-inch strap. Its sleek and modern design caters to a wide audience, offering a balance between simplicity and style.

5. MICHAEL Michael Kors

A black Michael Kors faux leather belt bag against a white background

MICHAEL Michael Kors offers an understated yet stylish faux leather belt bag priced at $78. Measuring 11 inches by 5.5 inches by 1 inch, this bag is emblazoned with a subtle MK pattern and is available in black or chocolate brown. With two pockets and a flat design that lays close to the body, it combines practicality with an elegant aesthetic. The affordability and quality make it an attractive option for those seeking a fashionable faux leather belt bag.

6. Los Angeles Apparel

Orange and teal nylon fanny pack from Los Angeles Apparel

Los Angeles Apparel’s Nylon Fanny Pack, priced at $20, proves that a belt bag needn’t be expensive to look incredible. With 17 color combinations available, this iconic fanny pack style features vibrant neons with contrasting color zippers and nylon webbed belts. Ideal for outdoor activities, music festivals, or spontaneous adventures, this affordable option doesn’t compromise on style or functionality.

7. The Drop

Brown faux leather quilted belt bag from Amazon on a white background

The Drop offers a vegan leather sling bag, priced at $30, with an embossed croc effect that mimics the real thing. Measuring 10.71 inches by 5.91 inches by 2.68 inches, this versatile bag can

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