The Best Colors to Wear on the Beach to Protect Your Skin

The most crucial decision you need to make for any beach day is what colors to wear, aside from choosing snacks, bringing sunscreen, and deciding which summer book you’ll end up reading cover to cover. It’s true that dermatologists and fashion gurus alike concur that your beachside afternoon can make or break its color scheme for a number of reasons.

A board-certified dermatologist and the CEO of Treasure Valley Dermatology, Dustin Portela, DO, claims that wearing specific hues can actually help shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. In addition, fashion consultant Joana Walker, who writes for Margo Paige, points out that certain hues can also give you a more bronzed or polished appearance. So, make sure to search through your closet for these gorgeous, expert-approved colors as you organize your next beach day.

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The Best Colors to Wear on the Beach

1. Navy Blue

Men's blue beach outfit with swim trunks, flip flop sandals, and hat

Navy blue, a timeless choice, not only stays in style but also offers practical benefits for beachgoers. Darker colors, like navy blue, absorb more UV radiation, providing added protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Unlike black, navy blue absorbs slightly less heat, ensuring a comfortable and stylish beach experience.

2. White

Beautiful woman with white hat enjoys her summer holiday in the tropics things burglars know

White exudes effortless chicness and becomes vibrant under the bright sun, making it an excellent choice to showcase your summer tan. Universally flattering and versatile, white pairs well with various accessories and outfits. opt for tightly woven fabrics like linen or cotton to maximize protection, as looser weaves offer less defense against UV radiation. However, keep in mind that wet white clothing provides reduced UV protection.

3. Pink and Coral

Coral-colored bikini and flip flops with a sun hat on a gray background

Bright shades of pink and coral add a playful and flirty touch to beach attire. These colors pop against bronzed skin and create a striking contrast with the blue sea. Vibrant hues provide more sun protection, making them both stylish and functional choices for a day in the sun.

4. Yellow and Gold

two women talking selfies on the beach

Bright yellow radiates a positive and playful vibe, standing out on the beach. The vibrant hues of yellow shine under the sun, making it an ideal choice for a beach day. Gold, offering a touch of glamour and sophistication, adds a luxurious feel to beachwear. When incorporating yellow or gold, balance the ensemble by pairing them with neutral tones.

5. Red

woman smiling in front of ocean

Red, a classic and empowering statement color, turns heads on the beach. Suitable for various complexions, choose a red shade that complements your skin undertones. Warm-toned individuals can opt for orangey reds, while cooler undertones pair well with bluish reds. Studies show that wearing red boosts confidence and enhances attractiveness.

6. Emerald Green

A happy brunette woman standing in a pool wearing an emerald green swimsuit.

Emerald green, a hot and trendy choice, complements all skin tones, particularly those with warm undertones. This hue stands out against the beach backdrop, highlighting the beauty of the ocean. Darker shades of emerald green provide extra sun protection, making it a stunning and practical option for beachgoers. Choose emerald green for swimsuits, dresses, or cover-ups to make a stylish statement.

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