5 Tips for Wearing Swimsuits If You’re Over 60

5 Tips for Wearing Swimsuits If You’re Over 60, To Be Stylish.

Swimsuit shopping is an exciting part of gearing up for summer, and age should never limit your style choices. While it may seem that most bathing suit options cater to younger demographics, fashion and swimwear experts unanimously agree that style knows no age. Embrace your unique preferences and feel confident in your swimsuit choice by following expert tips tailored for those over 60. From sun protection to finding supportive styles, these recommendations ensure you make a splash at the beach or pool with style and comfort.

5 Tips for Wearing Swimsuits If You’re Over 60

1. Sun Protection is Key

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Prioritize sun protection, especially for mature skin. Jill Palese recommends beautifully styled rashguard tops with SPF 50+, while Elizabeth Kosich suggests fabrics with UV ray protection and sunscreen resistance. Consider long-sleeved swimsuits or accessorize with hats and sunglasses for added sun safety.

2. Prioritize Supportive Styles

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Ensure worry-free enjoyment by selecting swimsuits with support features such as underwire, molded cups, and adjustable straps. Cara Buckland recommends exploring options like longer-coverage tankinis, tummy control designs, or swim shorts for added comfort. Look for thick and durable fabrics that maintain shape after washing and swimming.

3. Flattering Styles for Every Body

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Embrace your changing body by prioritizing flattering styles. Cara Buckland advises trying on swimsuits to capture your desired look. Nina Vargas suggests playful elements like beads, metal, cutouts, or ties. Opt for performance fabrics with the right amount of stretch for a shapely and stylish fit.

4. Stylish Swimsuits Beyond the Beach

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Elevate your swimsuit style by turning it into a versatile outfit. Elizabeth Kosich recommends shopping for matching sets like sarongs or drawstring pants to create bodysuits for daywear. Nina Vargas suggests pairing a swimsuit with a cover-up, such as a button-down or floor-length kimono, for seamless transitions from pool to lunch.

5. Confidence is the Ultimate Accessory

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Jill Palese emphasizes that confidence is the key to sexiness at any age. Enjoy the carefree spirit of summer by wearing your swimsuit with confidence. Find a suit you love, and if it comes in multiple colors, go for it. Create a stress-free beach wardrobe with go-to staples that make getting dressed for the beach a joy.


Embrace summer with style and confidence by incorporating these expert tips into your swimsuit shopping routine. Age is no barrier to looking and feeling great, so dive into the season with swimsuits that prioritize sun protection, support, and flattering styles. Transform your swimsuit into a versatile ensemble for all-day wear and savor the carefree moments of summer with confidence.

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