The 5 Most Slimming Colors That Aren’t Black, But Can Be Very Flattering 

Everyone wants to feel and look their best. We want our clothes to highlight our shape, our hairdo to best frame our face, and our cosmetics to best fit our skin tone. The color of a garment is one of the most crucial factors to consider when it comes to our physique. It’s true that black is usually always flattering—and slimming, at that—but you don’t have to keep with the dark color to get amazing results. Here, personal stylists advise us on the non-black colors that slim the most. Continue reading for their suggestions.

The 5 Most Slimming Colors That Aren’t Black

1. Emerald Green

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Emerald green, often associated with luxury and sophistication, can surprisingly have a slimming effect, according to stylist Sofie Mahlkvist. This jewel-tone shade draws attention to itself, diverting focus away from other areas of the body. It’s particularly flattering for those with green eyes and complements a variety of skin tones. Mahlkvist suggests styling emerald green with neutral colors like black, white, or gray to create a streamlined silhouette. Complementary colors such as burgundy, navy, and gold can further enhance its richness.

2. Red

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True red, neither cool nor warm, is hailed as a power neutral by personal stylist Elizabeth Kosich. Offering versatility and slimming benefits akin to black, red exudes vitality and charm. A monochromatic true red ensemble, like a wrap dress, can elongate and flatter the figure for a show-stopping effect suitable for various occasions, from the boardroom to a cocktail party.

3. Navy

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Navy blue emerges as a universally flattering and slimming color, favored by many stylists as an alternative to black. Its deep hue complements all skin tones and transitions seamlessly from formal to casual settings. Personal stylist Kristin Cruz recommends styling navy blue with a pop of color, such as a pink trench coat, for contrast and visual interest. Vertical black and white stripes paired with navy blue slacks create a slimming effect, adding a classic and polished touch to any wardrobe.

4. Chocolate

A smiling woman with long brown hair wearing a white shirt and brown blazer outside.

Deep and rich, chocolate brown is celebrated for its compatibility with all skin tones and its ability to enhance the wearer’s features. Elizabeth Kosich praises chocolate as a lighter alternative to black, lifting and brightening the overall look. This versatile color shines in suiting but can also be incorporated into other garments, such as a long sheath dress paired with black heels, ideal for both office and cocktail attire.

5. Bright Pink

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Embracing the trend of bold colors, bright pink, particularly hot fuchsia, is touted as slimming by personal stylist Ashley Full. Bold patterns and colors in pink create visual illusions that flatter the figure in a sophisticated manner. Experiment with striped button-ups, floral dresses, or dotted skirts to infuse fun and vibrancy into your wardrobe while enjoying the slimming effects of this striking hue.

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