Essential Hair Accessories for Women Over 60: Stylists’ Recommendations

In recent times, the landscape of hair accessories has transcended the conventional hair ties and headbands. From quirky barrettes to luxurious silk headscarves, these accessories provide numerous avenues to enhance your style. It becomes crucial to select accessories that complement your hairstyle and texture, especially as you age. To simplify the process, we sought advice from hair stylists who shared their insights on the must-have hair accessories for those aged 60 and above.

Insights from A-List Makeup Artists

Krysta Biancone, co-founder of Amari Salon & Spa and a hairstylist at Hair by Krysta, draws a parallel between investing in a few quality accessories and having a compact yet impactful wardrobe. According to her, the focus should not be on quantity but on the charm and elegance these accessories bring, subtly enhancing your overall look without overpowering it. Continue reading to discover suggestions from Biancone and other stylists regarding indispensable hair accessories for individuals over 60.

8 Must-Have Hair Accessories If You’re Over 60

1. Hair Pins and Barrettes

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“Hair pins play an unsung hero’s role in maintaining neat and stylish hair,” notes Biancone. Nikki Corzine, the owner of The Canyon Salon, highlights their effectiveness in securing fine hair, a common characteristic as one ages.

Barrettes, in addition to practicality, “inject a touch of sophistication without dominating the overall hairstyle,” adds Corzine. opt for simple clips matching your hair colour for a daytime look or add sparkle or colour for evening wear.

2. Classy Headscarf

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“Headscarves can serve as a remedy for bad hair days or introduce a pop of colour to any ensemble,” says Robin Emtage, a celebrity hairstylist at Silktage. Whether tied around a low bun, fashioned as a retro-inspired headband, or wrapped around a classic chignon, headscarves offer versatility.

opt for simple colours and patterns to complement a casual look or choose bolder options like leopard print to turn heads.

3. Silk Scrunchies

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As hair undergoes changes with age, it’s advisable to avoid accessories with tight elastics or metal components to prevent hair breakage, explains Corzine. Silk scrunchies are recommended for their gentleness on hair and stylish appearance, suitable for creating cute buns or elegant updos.

4. Cute Hats

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“Everyone should have one or two nice hats in their collection,” advises Emtage, emphasizing the importance of wide-brimmed hats or chic fedoras. These not only provide sun protection but also add sophistication to any outfit.

5. Claw Clips

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Similar to hair pins and barrettes, claw clips serve as an easy on-the-go accessory. Emtage suggests large, high-quality claw clips for secure hair placement without causing damage, ideal for creating effortless yet stylish updos or half-up hairstyles.

6. Decorative Hair Combs

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Decorative hair combs offer a way to add flair to your look. Biancone cautions against extravagant pieces that may overshadow natural grace. Emtage recommends lightly embellished combs that work well with updos or half up-half down styles.

7. Headbands

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Headbands are a delightful accessory, particularly for individuals with grey hair, according to Biancone. Emtage recommends wide, soft, and padded headbands for comfort and a polished look, adding a youthful flair to any hairstyle.

8. Hair Extensions

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For those with thinner hair, hair extensions provide an opportunity to add volume and dimension. Corzine suggests looking for easy-to-use extensions that blend well with natural hair. Emtage proposes hair toppers or wiglets to conceal thinning areas, offering coverage and volume discreetly.


In navigating the style landscape beyond 60, the right hair accessories become silent yet powerful allies. From the practicality of pins and the chic allure of headscarves to the grace of hats and the ease of claw clips, each piece contributes to an ageless and sophisticated aesthetic. The wisdom in choosing these accessories lies not in abundance but in the subtle reflection of one’s persona. As the years unfold, these timeless additions promise to elevate daily looks, embracing the beauty of evolving styles with grace and confidence.

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