The 6 Best Haircuts for Thick Hair: Looks You’ll Admire

The majority of people would concur that having thick hair is a desirable quality, but not every haircut works well on someone with a lot of volume. Co-owner of Amari Salon & Spa and hairstylist at Hair by Krysta, Krysta Biancone, says that the finest hairstyles for women with thick hair emphasize the natural volume and structure of the hair while also taking balance and proportions into account. Are you unsure of the haircuts you should order at your upcoming salon visit? Hairdressers and beauty professionals have chosen the top six hairstyles for thick hair.

The 6 Best Haircuts for Thick Hair        

1. Luxurious Long Layers

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For those blessed with thick hair, a long, layered cut offers both volume and femininity in abundance. According to Biancone, this style not only maintains length but also tames volume by strategically shaping the hair, preventing it from appearing bulky or overly pyramid-shaped. Jessica Moore adds that long layers distribute the hair’s weight, enhancing fullness and movement for a natural, flowing effect.

2. Effortlessly Textured Pixie

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Thick-haired individuals need not shy away from shorter styles. Biancone suggests a textured pixie cut, which capitalizes on natural volume without overwhelming the face. This haircut minimizes bulkiness while retaining dynamic texture and bounce, reducing styling time while still showcasing your hair’s innate volume and texture.

3. Revived Shag or Wolf Cut

Portrait of a young woman with a short blonde shag haircut and tattoos wearing a white tank top against a beige background

The shag or wolf cut, reminiscent of the ’70s, is making a comeback and is particularly well-suited for thick hair. With its layered structure and feathered ends, this style achieves a chic yet rebellious look, according to Biancone. Moore adds that the shaggy layers provide freedom of movement and effortless styling for those with thicker locks.

4. Sleek Blunt Cut

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Contrary to popular belief, a blunt cut can complement thick hair, especially when it’s straight. Biancone notes that this style imparts a clean, sharp appearance, enhancing the hair’s lushness and health. To avoid excessive volume, Abbey suggests incorporating subtle stacked layers at the ends to maintain a sleek yet voluminous look.

5. Flattering Razor or Calligraphy Cut

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Razor cuts offer a flattering option for thick-haired individuals, as they thin out the hair while adding movement and body, Abbey explains. Similarly, the calligraphy cut utilizes a specialized razor to reduce bulk, create texture, and impart a softer, layered finish, she adds, catering to those seeking a more airy and textured style.

6. Versatile Layered Lob

Young woman with long bob hairstyle outside

Finally, a long, layered bob, or “lob,” is a versatile choice for managing thick hair. Biancone highlights its ability to remove weight from the hair, resulting in enhanced manageability and movement. Abbey recommends keeping the length below the collarbone to avoid excessive width and fullness, ensuring a sleek and flattering look that frames the face beautifully.

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