The 6 Best Hairstyles If You’re Growing Out Your Grays, The Best Pro Tips

The process of growing out your gray hair is really intimate. Some find it a little frightening, while others are thrilled to see their dyed hair gradually fade to reveal their new natural coloring (Will it be too dramatic? Too much yellow tint? Too old? Whichever side you’re on, you could find this transitional phase difficult because haircuts that you loved in the past suddenly appear unflattering or draw attention to a sharp boundary. Not anymore. Experts share their go-to hairstyles for gray hair aging here. These “dos” simplify the blending process.

The 6 Best Hairstyles If You’re Growing Out Your Grays, According to Experts

1. A French Twist

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A French twist is a timeless hairstyle suitable for various occasions, offering elegance and sophistication. Sarah Roeder, a hairstylist at Totally Hott Salon, recommends creating volume at the crown to soften the demarcation line between gray and colored hair. This style blends dimension into the gray strands, seamlessly integrating them with the rest of the hair. For those finding French twists challenging, Roeder suggests opting for a twisted high bun as an alternative.

2. Softly Layered Bob

Woman with Shoulder Length Gray Hair

Krysta Biancone, co-founder of Amari Salon & Spa, recommends a softly layered long bob for those transitioning to gray hair. The layers create a softer appearance, facilitating the blending of gray hair with the existing color. This style minimizes attention on the demarcation line and offers movement, adding volume to hair that may be thinning or becoming brittle.

3. Beachy Waves

Woman in Orange Sweater with Long Wavy Gray Hair

Beachy waves provide a dimensional look and help soften the demarcation line during the transition to gray hair. Sarah Roeder advises curling the hair in the opposite direction and brushing it out for a relaxed, beach-inspired style. To enhance the look further, Roeder suggests twisting sections of hair on both sides and securing them together at the back for added flair.

4. A Pixie Cut

gray curly pixie

For a bold change, consider a pixie cut to eliminate the demarcation line. Krysta Biancone emphasizes the importance of choosing a style that complements the individual’s face shape, color, and texture. A pixie cut can reduce styling time while offering a chic appearance that effectively conceals gray strands, especially for those with naturally thick hair.

5. An Accessorized Style

woman with headband | MercerOnline

Accessories can be invaluable in camouflaging gray hair during the transition. Ghanima Abdullah, a cosmetologist at, suggests using scarves or headbands to cover grays along the hairline while styling the rest of the hair as desired. This versatile approach allows for various styling options, from leaving hair down to creating ponytails or buns.

6. A Flipped Part

woman is checking white hair white looking at the mirror

A simple yet effective way to blend grays is by changing the parting of the hair. Abdullah recommends experimenting with different parting styles to minimize the visibility of gray strands. By shifting the part to a new location, individuals may notice fewer grays in prominent areas, offering a quick and easy solution to the transition process.

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