The Best Colors to Wear If You Have Blonde Hair: Know What Fits You

Finding out what fits you well is the simplest approach to simplify your shopping trips. After you’ve done that, you can keep coming back to the same topics. In addition to considering an item’s form, length, and aesthetic, it’s critical to identify the colors that work best on you. Regardless of the color of your skin or eyes, this is especially true if you’re blonde. Blonde hair has many dimensions that can be emphasized by wearing a dress in a certain color. Are you prepared to choose your new favorite shade? Discover the ideal color combinations for blondes by reading on to hear from personal stylists.

The Best Colors to Wear If You Have Blonde Hair, According to Stylists 

1. Lavender

Smiling young blonde woman wearing a basic purple shirt and matching hat looking at the camera playing with her hair on an isolated yellow background.

For cool-toned blondes, pastel lavender is a perfect complementary color. Elizabeth Kosich suggests that lavender, being opposite yellow on the color wheel, supports blonde hair without overpowering it. Its soft hue adds a subtle pop, making it versatile for both summer and winter.

2. Orange-y Red

A young woman in a red t-shirt with her blonde hair tied up in a red bow, holding two orange slices against a yellow background.

Blonde hair with warmer skin tones pairs well with an orange-y red shade. Kosich notes that this color brings an effervescent quality, uplifting the overall look. It exudes cheerfulness in spring and summer and adds a festive touch in winter, especially when paired with matching lipstick.

3. Coral

A young blonde woman working on her laptop with a tropical background and a coconut sitting next to her.

Coral is universally flattering and looks fabulous on neutral-toned blondes. Kosich recommends it for its invigorating and optimistic vibe. From peach-pink to poppy, coral can be a staple in warm-weather wardrobes and adds a playful touch even in winter with cashmere cardigans.

4. Metallic

A smiling blonde woman wearing a bronze metallic dress against a gold party background.

Warm blondes can rock bold metallic shades like bronzes, golds, and champagne. Andie Sobrato suggests that these warm metallics enhance the brightness of blonde hair, offering a glamorous appeal. From red carpet events to office wear, warm metallics tie in beautifully without overpowering the look.

5. Yellow Gold Jewelry

Close-up of a beautiful young blonde woman's neck with gold earrings and a gold choker.

Accessorizing blonde hair with yellow gold jewelry adds dimension and energy to the overall appearance. Kosich recommends gold-standard accessories like handbags, belts, and jewelry with citrine and topaz gemstones. Yellow gold complements blonde hair while offering timeless elegance and shimmer.

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