Votethisbird.con: Examining the Features and Legitimacy of the Site

Votethisbird.con: In this article, we probe into the intricacies of, a website dedicated to promoting the selection of Pūteketeke, an Australasian crested grebe, as the bird of the century. This unique bird species is native to Aotearoa, also known as New Zealand, a country known for its remarkable conservation efforts and natural beauty.


Votethisbird is a promotional website with a specific mission: to encourage people to cast their votes for Pūteketeke, a bird species that can be found in Aotearoa, the Maori name for New Zealand, which translates to “Land of the Long White Cloud.” New Zealand is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, including mountains, fjords, beaches, and lush forests. The nation’s unwavering commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability has made it a sanctuary for a diverse range of unique flora and fauna.

New Zealand’s Unique and Endangered Bird

While New Zealand is famous for its iconic kiwi bird, this website places the spotlight on Pūteketeke, a bird facing the threat of extinction, with only around 1,000 individuals remaining in the country. What sets Pūteketeke apart is its distinctive parenting behavior, as it carries its young on its back while swimming and constructs floating nests anchored to the lakeside.

The Purpose of

Various public initiatives, contests, and surveys are actively engaged in promoting bird conservation, often by encouraging voting and community involvement. is a globally accessible one-page website that invites individuals to vote for Pūteketeke. The website’s content is primarily cantered around the concept of casting votes for this unique bird. While offers a Terms of Service page and a Privacy Policy, it’s interesting to note that the Privacy Policy redirects users to, which is the official website of Warner Bros Discovery, adding a surprising twist to this conservation-oriented platform.

Significance of the Website

The voting mechanism on Votethisbird redirects users to, a well-known website that hosts online voting to determine the bird of the year. This site has played a significant role in showcasing the winners of the Bird of the Year competition over the past two decades. Promotion

Notably,, the official platform for the Bird of the Year competition, does not mention, endorse, or authorize for promoting their voting website. Voting for the Bird of the Century commenced on October 30, 2023, featuring a list of 80 bird species for the public to vote on. The final results are scheduled to be announced on November 13, 2023.

Secure Website with a Short Lifespan

In terms of its website registration, Votethisbird was launched on June 20, 2023, making it a relatively new site at 4 months and 19 days old. Its registration is set to expire in just one year, suggesting a short-term existence. Despite its relatively short lifespan, Votethisbird employs a secure HTTPS protocol and has not been blacklisted.

How Legitimate is

When evaluating the legitimacy of, it’s important to consider several factors. has received an average trust rating of 66%, but its business index is notably low at 8.8%, indicating potential risks in terms of business and financial transactions. does not collect user data, require registration or sign-in, offer products or services for sale, or process online payments. In contrast, solicits donations from visitors to support wildlife conservation efforts.

Social Media Presence

Surprisingly, does not have a presence on social media, which could be seen as a missed opportunity for wider outreach.


The ownership and contact details of are shielded through the use of paid privacy services offered by was registered to support the campaign led by John Oliver from “Last Week Tonight” to encourage voting for Pūteketeke in New Zealand’s Bird of the Century competition. John Oliver actively urged his audience, including Canadians, to participate in the campaign. Despite its noble cause, has yet to gain significant traffic, with an average of zero visitors per month, resulting in a nominal $0 traffic value. As such, is likely to be a legitimate website.

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