4 Tips for Wearing a Down Jacket Over 60: Prevent Puffer Jacket Overwhelm

Winter can’t be avoided (until you stay within the tropics), however having a respectable coat can lessen the effort of having to depart the house at the coldest days. Although those voluminous garments are frequently vital for staying heat, down coats can also be fashionable. Everyone, in particular those people of a certain age, may additionally find a puffer coat that fits them, whether it’s miles cropped or huge, long or short, colorful or impartial. See what style and style specialists have to mention approximately sporting down jackets in case you’re over 60 through analyzing on.

Four Tips for Wearing a Down Jacket Over 60, According to Stylists

1. Choose a Silhouette with Some Shape

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When deciding on a down jacket, choose styles that offer a few shaping to keep away from appearing overly cumbersome. Look for jackets with features like a waistband or thinner quilted panels, that could create a sleeker silhouette. Additionally, keep in mind the duration of the jacket and how it impacts your overall appearance. Longer jackets that are form-fitting and end mid-calf can provide an advanced and flattering look.

2. Flatter Your Figure

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Consider your body kind and height when choosing a down jacket. For pear-fashioned individuals, jackets with a belted waist can cinch in the middle and create an hourglass silhouette. If you are apple-formed, choose jackets with structured designs that may not add bulk around the midsection.

3. Explore Beyond Black Jackets

Woman in purple long down coat with arms out wide smiling

While black or impartial jackets are flexible and timeless, do not feel restrained to these alternatives. Experiment with colors like military blue, camel, or jewel tones which include sapphire, ruby, and emerald. Cobalt blue is specially flattering, mainly while paired with neutral accessories. For a formidable declaration, consider a leopard print or jackets with specific elaborations like fur-trimmed sleeves or zippered wallet.

4. Accessorize Thoughtfully

Woman in white furry hat

Complete your down jacket appearance with add-ons like gloves, scarves, and hats. These no longer simplest hold you warm but also will let you showcase your personal fashion. Experiment with draping oversized scarves, including a belt, or layering a vest over your jacket to raise your outfit.

Ultimately, a down jacket is a versatile dresser staple that may be tailor-made to fit your individual fashion and options. Embrace style as a method of expressing your character and adjusting distinctive portions to supplement your precise aesthetic.

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