10 Overlooked Fashion Items Everyone Needs That Are Crucial for A Well-Rounded Closet

Most of us hold certain items in our wardrobe as essential—a pair of timeless jeans, a beloved sweater that’s adapted to shifting fashion trends. Yet, amid these staples, there are overlooked fashion pieces that are equally crucial for a well-rounded closet.

Petite style coach Angela Foster highlights the significance of these overlooked items. She emphasizes that we often don’t realize their importance until the moment arises when we urgently need them. This leads to rushed shopping, settling for what’s available rather than seeking out items we truly desire and find appealing.

10 Overlooked Fashion Items Everyone Needs

To prevent this scenario, fashion experts have compiled a list of essential pieces necessary to maintain a versatile and practical wardrobe. Here are the ten items recommended for your closet.

1. White Jeans

women's white jeans

White denim trousers are a wardrobe essential, as affirmed by Elizabeth Kosich, founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. She emphasizes the enduring importance of this clothing piece despite it not always being the trendiest. According to her, the classic white jean is versatile and can adapt to various seasonal denim trends like skinny legs, ankle crops, wide legs, and trouser cuts. White jeans offer more versatility than they’re typically given credit for and can be worn year-round.

Kosich suggests not confining white jeans to post-Labor Day storage, highlighting their seamless compatibility with neutral shades like navy, camel, charcoal, olive green, and any accent color in the spectrum. They effortlessly elevate any outfit, providing a fresh and polished look.

2. A reliable strapless bra

strapless bras

Often underestimated, the choice of undergarments is crucial. Angela Foster stresses the importance of a reliable strapless bra, especially when an outfit demands one. While it might not be a daily necessity, having a dependable strapless option prevents last-minute struggles.

Foster emphasizes the discomfort of constantly adjusting an ill-fitting bra throughout the night. To find the right strapless bra, Foster advises seeking guidance from lingerie experts in physical stores. They can assist in selecting a well-fitting, supportive, and comfortable style.

3. Kitten heels

woman wearing kitten heel boots

Kitten heels, despite preconceived notions, have made a comeback and are now a closet essential. Elizabeth Kosich suggests every woman should own a pair due to their combination of elegance and comfort, especially for formal or semi-formal events that involve extended standing. Whether it’s pumps, slingbacks, or booties, having a pair in your preferred dark neutral, light neutral, or accent color is highly recommended.

4. Lounge items that pass the “ex test”

woman wearing matching athleisure set

Loungewear that stands the “ex test” is a fundamental inclusion in any wardrobe, a detail often overlooked, as noted by Angela Foster. She highlights the common neglect of loungewear that meets this criterion despite having workwear, casual dresses, and weekend denim sorted.

The “ex test,” as Foster explains, revolves around an unforeseen encounter with an ex-partner during a quick errand. The goal is to ascertain whether you’d hide away or confidently engage in casual conversation because of your effortlessly appealing attire. Foster emphasizes the need for a few sets that meet this standard, recommending a couple of leggings or joggers with matching tops as a starting point. She advises opting for darker shades while shopping for these sets, cautioning against lighter colors that may resemble sleepwear.

5. No-show panties

seamless underwear

Overlooking the importance of no-show panties can lead to the dreaded visible panty line (VPL). Angela Foster stresses the significance of seamless or no-show panties, noting their remarkable progress in comfort and variety, eliminating excuses for VPLs. Foster suggests exploring comfortable thong options for those inclined towards them.

 Alternatively, for those preferring more coverage akin to a boyshort, she assures the availability of options that won’t show through favorite slacks. Emphasizing the necessity of a color that matches one’s skin tone, she suggests this ensures versatility when worn under lighter fabrics and colors.

6. An LRD

A smiling woman with long gray hair wearing a red dress leans against a railing outside

The “Little Red Dress” or LRD is an often-overlooked yet essential counterpart to the Little Black Dress (LBD), according to Kosich. She emphasizes its significance as a staple in a woman’s wardrobe, citing the attention-grabbing nature of the color red.

Kosich suggests having a red dress available for moments when you want to convey a powerful message. Whether it’s a first date, a high school reunion, or events where you might encounter an ex, a red dress comes in handy. However, she advises considering your skin tone while picking the perfect LRD. Kosich recommends opting for hues that complement your coloring, suggesting bright tomato reds for warmer skin tones and blue oxblood reds for cooler ones.

7. Classic tees

fashionable woman wearing gray t-shirt

While you may already possess an array of t-shirts, Foster points out that these might sometimes lack versatility due to their casual nature. She highlights the surprising enhancement in mix-and-match options that a few quality tees can bring to a wardrobe.

Foster recommends selecting fade-proof, wrinkle-resistant, and machine-washable tees, suggesting materials like rayon, lycra, and polyester for their durability. Regarding colors, she suggests starting with cream or white (depending on skin tone) and black/navy/charcoal as foundational options.

8. Velvet blazers

woman wearing velvet blazer

Velvet blazers, despite being sometimes overshadowed by linen or more structured types, hold their own significance in the realm of fashion staples, as per Kosich. She advocates for incorporating a velvet blazer into your jacket assortment alongside peacoats, leather motos, and utility jackets.

According to her, it introduces an element of sophistication to basic outfits, such as jeans and a t-shirt, instantly elevating them to a chic, cohesive look. Kosich suggests trying a jewel-tone velvet blazer like ruby, cobalt, or emerald green for a striking appearance. Alternatively, keeping to a neutral and muted palette with colors like olive green or burgundy also works well.

9. A clear handbag

woman holding clear handbag

 Foster underscores the importance of having a clear handbag as part of your accessory collection, particularly as these bags are becoming increasingly required at various venues, including festivals, concerts, and sporting events.

She compares the clear handbag’s versatility to that of an evening clutch and advises keeping an eye out for one that suits your preferences to be prepared for events featuring your favorite band or team. Foster also recommends checking the bag’s size before purchase to ensure it complies with the accepted parameters at most arenas.

10. A wool cloak

wool cloak on hanger

For those facing dropping temperatures, the option of a wool cloak might not immediately come to mind among the usual choices of parkas or down jackets, notes Kosich. She emphasizes the unique blend of fashion and functionality that a wool cloak offers as a winter wrap.

According to Kosich, wool cloaks, as an outerwear silhouette, require no additional styling due to their draped design. They blend drama, sophistication, and coziness into a single garment, making a bold fashion statement. Kosich suggests enhancing the outfit by adding arm cuffs, a beret, or a belt threaded through the arm slits, highlighting the overlooked yet stylish nature of cloaks.

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