5 Mistakes You’re Making When Wearing White and How to Rectify Those

For many people, white is their go-to color, particularly in the summer. You’ll look put together and prepared for a day in the sun whether you wear it as a linen sundress or a clean white button-down. However, as is well known, white has disadvantages. One reason is that it stains readily, so even though you’re dressing to kill at your backyard BBQ, you might be afraid to approach the ketchup station too closely. Additionally, it can be challenging to match with undergarments—after all, nobody wants to flaunt their underwear in public! These problems are at the very beginning. Personal stylists discuss the most common errors people make here.

5 Mistakes You’re Making When Wearing White

1. Opting for See-Through Garments:

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Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to assess whether a garment is see-through. Many transparent pieces end up being bought without realizing their transparency. Stylist Michelle Barrett advises coming out of the changing room and checking in natural light, as changing room lights are designed to flatter. If the material allows you to see the outline of your hand underneath, it may be sheer. Also, check that pockets don’t show through, as this can cheapen the look. Quality should be prioritized over quantity, as one well-made piece surpasses multiple transparent items.

2. Choosing White Undergarments:

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Wearing white undergarments, especially with a white T-shirt, is a common mistake. White bras can create a contrast with your skin, making them visible through the garment. Image stylist Elizabeth Kosich recommends wearing nude undergarments instead of white to ensure they remain unnoticeable. Nude bras are versatile and tend to work with various clothing colors.

3. Selecting the Wrong White Shade:


White comes in various shades, and it’s essential to find the one that complements your skin tone. While optic white is a common choice, it might not look good on everyone. Soft white is suggested as a more flattering option—it has lower contrast, is less harsh, and harmonizes with the whites of the eyes. Analyzing undertones is another approach; cool-toned individuals should choose a bluer white, while warm-toned individuals can opt for a white closer to ivory.

4. Under Accessorizing:

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White is a simple color, and without appropriate styling, it can appear dull. Stylist Elizabeth Kosich recommends using white as a blank canvas for accessories that add color, flair, and fun. Consider incorporating metallics in statement jewelry, sandals, or a tote bag. Alternatively, use accessories like ballerina flats, belts, or crossbody bags to introduce pops of color, prints, or patterns.

5. Neglecting to Replace White Items:

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White clothing stains easily and is susceptible to discoloration, especially with frequent wear. Pieces like tank tops, T-shirts, and favorite white dresses may need replacement regularly. Image stylist Elizabeth Kosich suggests refreshing your white rotation every summer to maintain a fresh and polished look. While it may seem like an investment, the benefits of a renewed wardrobe justify the effort.

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