5 Tips for Going Sleeveless If You’re Over 60, Stylists Say      

5 Tips for Going Sleeveless If You’re Over 60, When Baring Those Arms This Summer.

As temperatures rise, the transition to lighter clothing like tank tops and sleeveless dresses becomes appealing. Regardless of age, displaying arms can be stylish, but for those over 60, some considerations ensure a flattering and confident appearance.

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5 Tips for Going Sleeveless If You’re Over 60

Here are experts’ tips for going sleeveless over 60:

1. Look for Wider Straps

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Seek tops and dresses with wider straps and narrower arm openings, avoiding spaghetti straps or overly large armholes. This choice allows for comfortable bra wear without visibility concerns and provides better support, particularly for a fuller bust.

2. Ensure Flawless Strap Fit:

older woman wearing a sleeveless yellow top

Achieve a flawless fit for straps to prevent constant adjustments or discomfort. Opt for sleeveless pieces with adjustable straps or utilize the services of a local tailor to customize strap length as needed.

3. opt for Sturdy Fabrics

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Choose quality fabrics for sleeveless clothing over 60. Opt for materials like cotton, denim, linen, and hemp that hold their shape, endure over time, and offer a sophisticated appearance. Sturdy fabrics contribute to a polished look.

4. Give Arms a Subtle Glow

Tan woman in tank top applying lotion cream onto her arm

Maintain a strength training routine for sculpted arms in senior years. Alternatively, achieve a subtle, natural-looking glow with tanning drops mixed into body lotion, avoiding the risks of sunbathing. This technique also works for faking toned legs when wearing shorts or skirts.

5. Strategically Use Accessories

older woman selecting jewelry

Accessorize strategically to shift focus away from the arms. Incorporate eye-catching statement necklaces, beautiful bracelets, or fun patterned neck scarves to add personality to outfits and draw attention elsewhere. This approach creates a balanced overall look while allowing individuals to feel proud of their arms.

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