5 Tips for Letting Your Gray Hair Air Dry, According to Stylists

It’s not always a good idea to air dry your hair, especially if it turns gray (which can lead to increased frizz, dryness, static, and other issues if you haven’t noticed). It seems to dry with the ideal curl or wave sometimes, and then it falls flat or gets all frizzed out in other times. When you need your strands to seem flawless, it makes sense to pull out your hot tools because there is so much that seems to be left to chance. However, as it happens, such need not be the case. It’s simple to achieve consistently gorgeous air-dried hair if you follow the right instructions. See below for the top advice from hairdressers on air drying gray hair. They’ll speed up, improve the health of, and enhance the beauty of your getting ready routine.

5 Tips for Letting Your Gray Hair Air Dry, According to Stylists

1.Initiate Your Air-Drying Routine in The Shower

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Starting your preparations early is the secret to gorgeously air-dried gray hair. “Using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner improves the appearance of gray hair,” advises Jessica Shults, owner of Twisted Scissors Salon in New York. “Using cooler water to rinse the conditioner helps seal the cuticle and lock in that moisture for the day.”

To make things even better, you can use shampoo and conditioner made especially for those with gray hair. Professional hairstylist and KES Wigs consultant Arrogant Smith adds, “These will help maintain color and reduce yellowing.” “They are sulfate-free, which helps keep color from fading from water oxidation.” When color upkeep and moisturization are combined, you’ll get strands that

2. Employ A Wide-Tooth Comb, especially for Curly Hair.

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Distribute conditioner evenly during your shower routine and refrain from combing or brushing hair post-shower to maintain defined curls. Opt for a wide-tooth comb to detangle gently, minimizing breakage, as advised by Krysta Biancone from Amari Salon & Spa.

3. Consider Investing in Hair Products Tailored to Gray Hair.

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You might want to add a few useful things to your air-dry regimen. “The best products for air drying gray hair are typically oils, creams, and leave-in conditioners,” Shults explains. “Gray hair lacks moisture, so using products that have moisture in them helps the hair look its best.”
Choose an oil instead of a wax if your hair is fine. It won’t weigh it down. Try a cream or leave-in conditioner if your hair is naturally frizzy, thick, or coarse. Your gray hair will get the moisture it needs from these products to shine after drying.

4. Integrate A Microfiber Towel into Your Drying Process.

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Unlike regular towels, microfiber towels absorb more water and reduce frizz without causing damage to fragile gray hair. Use a gentle blotting motion to remove excess moisture. Arrogant Smith recommends the Devacurl Microfiber Devatowel for its soft fabric designed specifically for gray hair.

5. After Blotting Your Hair, Avoid Further Manipulation.

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After using a microfiber cloth to blot your hair, let it settle and don’t touch it again. “Honestly, the best tip for air drying is not to touch it,” Shults explains. Squeeze out as much water as possible from the hair gently, then leave it alone until it dries fully. The more times you handle it, the greater the likelihood that it will become frizzy.” You can go over it to produce your final appearance after a few hours.

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