How To Delete Brigit’s Account?

Are you fed up with using your Brigit account and wish to know “How To Delete Brigit Account” or even deactivate your account?

If your answer is Yes, then you are at the right place.

Through the use of budgeting tools, automated warnings, interest-free cash advances, and a centralized view of their finances, the Brigit app helps users improve their financial well-being. One hundred million Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and over 40 million incur overdraft fees annually.

But, once you decide to go no longer be with your Brigit Account, you can delete it permanently or unsubscribe your account. Deleting the Brigit Account is a challenging task but also possible. We will help you to know “How To Delete Brigit Account.”

Continue reading this guide to learn “How To Delete Brigit Account.”

What is Brigit’s Account?

The goal of Brigit, a payday loan app, is to fight unjust loan providers who keep customers trapped in a never-ending cycle of debt.

According to some research, approx. One-third of the world’s population barely makes ends meet while living paycheck to paycheck. Many of these salaried people risk double cross by payday loan sharks who trap them with high overdraft fees because of the stress and overwhelm of this lifestyle.

How to delete Brigit’s Account for a free plan?

To delete your Brigit account for the free plan, follow the below steps –

Step1:  At the very first, you have to go to the official Brigit account, which is

Step2: Once the official site is open, go to the setting.

Step3: Now, click on “Delete my account.”

Step 4: Finally, you must confirm that you don’t need your account anymore. Confirm if you are sure.

Step5: Now, you are done with your account deletion work.

How to delete Brigit’s Account for Brigit’s plan membership?

If you have a Brigit plan membership and want to delete your Brigit account, then follow the below steps –

Step1 – At the very first, you have to log in to your Brigit account, so go to the official website

Step2 – Next, go to the setting.

Step3 – You must click on the “Your membership” tab on the setting.

Step4 – On “Your membership,” you can see the “Switch to this plan.” Tap on the “Switch to this Plan” (Free plan).

Step5 – Start by scrolling down and choosing the green lettering that reads, “Pause or swap plan.”

Step6 – Select the green “Switch to the Free plan” text by scrolling down.

Step7 – Always choose the valid reason for deleting your account. Once you select your reason, tap “Submit and switch to free.”

Step8 – Next, again, go to the setting.

Step9 – Now choose “Delete my account.”

Step10 – Make sure that you surely want to delete your account.

Step11 – As soon as you confirm, your account will get deleted.

Note – If you cannot delete the Brigit account after following the above steps, mail to [email protected]. Once you delete your Brigit account, then you are unable to open your Brigit account and also do not have access to the Brigit services.


After reading the blog, you can now know “How To Delete Brigit Account.” Here, in this blog, we have discussed two methods. The first method you can prefer is if you have a free plan, and those with a subscription-based plan can follow the second method. After reading this blog, I hope you can delete your Brigit account hassle-free. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) 

  • How do I revoke Brigit’s advance?

In a simple sentence, you can say that it is impossible to revoke Brigit’s advance. After it is sent, we CAN NOT cancel the passage. Allow it to be delivered if you want something other than the advance. To make an early repayment, please click the Advanced tab.

  • How can I update my bank information on Brigit?

If you want to update a new card or register a new card, then you have to follow the following steps.

  • At the very first, Go to the official websites and then setting.
  • Click on the connected bank account.
  • Lastly, enter your card information.

To confirm that it is linked to your account, your new card will next undergo another round of verification. One card at a time is the most you can have connected to your account.

  • Is Brigit secure?

Yes, in general. However, no software can 100% ensure that your information is secure. Your personal and financial information is protected by Brigit, utilizing a robust 256-bit encryption technology. Moreover, you can sign up without giving your Social Security number, which many payday lenders do not require.

  • What sort of organization is Brigit?

Every American can create a brighter financial future with the aid of Brigit, a company that provides comprehensive financial wellness. Our financial solutions are transparent, fair, and easy to use, helping our members manage their money intelligently and avoid unfair fees. We do this by using a business strategy centered on our clients.

  • What is the monthly fee for Brigit?

The monthly fee for using Brigit’s cash advances, credit builder loans, and other sophisticated services is $9.99. However there is no interest charged by Brigit. The app’s account monitoring and budgeting functions are available if you prefer the free version.

  • Brigit has been around for how long?

Brigit has had a significant influence since its 2019 launch: By February 2022, the app had given out cash advances to its users 10.6+ million times, more than $900 million. Its members prevented overdraft fees of $171 million in 2021 alone.

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