How to Get Out of a Clothing Rut After 60, Listen to What Stylists Have to Say.

Step out of your fashion comfort zone with these straightforward tips. Today’s trends, from sheer tops to fringe and tassels, might seem daring. If you’re over 60, revamping your style might feel daunting, but experts insist it’s the perfect moment to explore something fresh while staying true to yourself. Want to break free from your clothing routine and embrace change?

Kim Apodaca, founder of Recharge Your Style, emphasizes the importance of discussing style evolution and future objectives with her clients. For many, the goal is achieving ‘ageless dressing’—remaining stylish without looking like you’re trying too hard.

How to Get Out of a Clothing Rut After 60

“To break free from a fashion rut post-60, take heed of these expert tips.”

1. Clear Out Your Wardrobe

Stylish senior woman cleaning out and organizing her closet

Decluttering your closet is key. Patrick Kenger suggests removing items not worn in the past six months to a year. This helps identify missing pieces and streamlines your selection.

2. Revamp Organization

older woman looking through closet

Kim Apodaca advises rearranging your closet and drawers to break habitual dressing routines, encouraging exploration of forgotten items.

3. Tailored Fit

enior man tailor picking and showing his customer on fabric garment choice on new tailored clothing suggestion at his store shelf display

Invest in tailoring or custom pieces for an impeccable fit. Patrick Kenger notes that well-fitted clothes instantly elevate your appearance.

4. Blend High and Low Fashion

Outdoor image of gorgeous positive lady with charming smile and loose gray hair enjoying nice summer day, wearing white jacket, silk scarf and eyeglasses. Beauty, urban style and fashion concept

Yenia Hernández Fonseca recommends pairing luxury pieces with budget-friendly finds for an intriguing style fusion.

5. Stay Trend-Informed

A mature woman wearing a beige linen outfit walks in a garden with a coffee

While not adopting every trend, Kenger suggests staying updated with current fashion trends to subtly refresh your wardrobe.

6. Vintage and Second-Hand

Background pattern of vintage clothing

Explore vintage or consignment stores. Hernández Fonseca suggests this route for unique and characterful fashion discoveries.

7. Statement Accessories

Close up of a smiling woman wearing gold and turquoise matching earrings, rings, and necklaces

Inject personality into your outfits with bold accessories like vibrant scarves or chunky necklaces.

8. Experiment with Colors and Textures

Mature woman fashion style. Portrait female model in fashionable clothes and accessories standing in public place

As skin tones change with age, Hernández Fonseca encourages trying new colors and textures for a vibrant style shift.

9. Structured Dressing

Fashionable mature woman standing in front of a rack of clothing wearing jeans and a white shirt

Apodaca recommends structured pieces to enhance posture and silhouette, steering away from shapeless attire.

10. Layering Technique

fashionable older woman in summer

To add depth to your look, Apodaca suggests layering with jackets, vests, scarves, or jewellery for visual interest.

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