How Do I Transfer My Starbucks Card To Another Account?

Topic:How Do I Transfer My Starbucks Card To Another Account” Many people probably have more than one Starbucks card. Using more than one Starbucks card is always convenient, but sometimes it becomes too frustrating, especially if you want to transfer the funds from one account to another. 

Here, in this blog, we will learn more about How Do I Transfer My Starbucks Card To Another Account but first, we will start with What is Starbucks Card. So, let’s begin without wasting any time.

What is a Starbucks Card?

We all are familiar with Starbucks. Right? It is one of the most popular and world’s largest coffeehouses. You can also say that it is an American multinational coffeehouse spread worldwide.

According to the research – Till November 2021, there are approx. Thirty-three thousand eight hundred thirty-three stores in various countries.

Starbucks corporation issues a Starbucks card for their customers. It allows their customer to load some dollar values onto their Starbucks card and use it during the visit to the Starbuck coffee store. Customers can use the loaded value as a prepayment for the goods and services they offer from the stores.

But to get the Starbucks card, you must go through the registration process. To complete the registration process, you have to sign up for Starbucks. It allows you to earn stars and get various rewards. But these offers are only available in the United States and Canada.

If your card gets lost or stolen, it allows you to protect the card balance. Customer can also manage their account in various ways, like checking their balance or transferring funds to different interpretations.

Customers can also unregister their Starbucks cards. Follow the below steps to unfollow your Starbucks cards – 

Step1: At the very first, you have to sign in to the Starbuck websites.

Step2: Go to the main menu and click “My Starbucks card.”

Step3: You can get the “Unregister a Starbucks Card.” Click here.

Step4: At this point, enter your card details and passwords.

Step5: At last, click on the “Submit” button.

Can I transfer the Starbucks Card to another account?

The answer to this question is BIG YES. Anyone can quickly transfer the Starbucks funds into some other account. This process is straightforward and hassle-free. Let’s check it in simple steps.

Step1: At the very first, you have to Log in to your Starbucks account. You can log in either online or through the apps.

Step2: Once you log in, go to the “My Account.” You find the “Transfer & Credits.” (check on the left-hand side).

Step3: Next, you have to choose “Transfer a Card.” It is available on the right-hand side under the hierarchy “transfer & Credits.”

Step4: At this point, you have to enter the recipient’s mail id and password. Before clicking on the “Next” button, check once again whether the primary id and password are correct or not.

Step5: Choose the card you want for a transfer fund. Once you select the card, click on the “Next” button.

Step6: Before clicking “Confirm Transfer,” it’s essential to review the information.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) 

  • Is it possible to add a Starbucks card to several accounts?

In a simple sentence, you can say that it is possible to add a Starbuck card to several accounts. Hassle-free, you can add seasonal cards, mini cards, and eGift to your Starbuck accounts. But always remember that you can create only single Starbucks accounts.

  • Can I regift my Starbucks gift card to my friends?

Of course, there is a way you can regift your Starbucks gift to your friends or family. Suppose you have $25 Starbucks gift cards and don’t like coffee. Then what will you do? Well, you can easily gift that to someone who is a coffee lover. Alternatively, you may prioritize yourself once and benefit from it.

  • Can I return the balance on my Starbucks card to my checking or bank account?

In a simple sentence, I can say that NO. It is impossible to withdraw or transfer your Starbucks card funds to your bank account. You can only use your Starbucks amount to purchase goods and services, or you can regift your friends. 

  • How can I get my money back from my Starbucks Card?

If you have a Starbucks card and haven’t used it, then you can call the toll-free no and that number 1-800-STARBUCK(782-7282). When you call this number, they will ask you to give your original receipt, and if it was a gift, you also need a pass to receive the refunds. 

  • Can I give my Starbucks rewards to someone else?

Rewards in that account cannot currently be shared with friends, family, or other statements or transferred to another account. You can only regift or transfer your funds from one account to another. But you cannot share the rewards.


Now, you can know more about the Starbuck cards, how to activate and deactivate your cards, and also How Do I Transfer My Starbucks Card To Another Account. Well, the moving process is simple and hassle-free. You can easily do it by yourself. You have to follow the simple steps which we already discussed above.

I hope this blog helps you to learn everything you want to know.

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