How To Fix A Bent Car Door Frame?

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For anyone, it might be very inconvenient to have a damaged car door frame, and if one of those frames flips down from the top, it might become more difficult for you. But, no need to worry because some technique helps you eliminate this. Make sure the damage is not too much. If the damage is too much, bring it in for repairs to a pro.

This guide will discuss some easy steps to fix the bent car door frame.

What materials are required to fix the Bent car door frame?

To fix a bent car door frame, you must require the following materials. Attaching a bent car door frame with these materials is possible. These materials are –

  • A jack 
  • Screws with washers  
  • Pliers or vice grips  
  • Flanges  
  • A drill with a hole saw in it 

How To Fix A Bent Car Door Frame?

Many methods help you fix the bent car door frame, but here, in this blog, we will discuss some of the easiest ways. Check step-by-step ways on “How To Fix A Bent Car Door Frame?

Step1 – In the first step, you have to use the jack. With the help of the jack, you can lift one side of the frame. Depending on the mount used and the type of repair it requires, you will need a certain amount of space, but for now, we’ll use a jack to determine how high you can go. The frame should be raised so that its two sides are flush. Make sure they line up when they are up on both sides by doing this on both.

Step2 – The next step is to separate the two pieces by removing any screws holding one side of the car door frame. The side where you intend to put the camera afterward is the best place to start unscrewing the screw. Start separating the two components of the frame from one another by inserting a putty knife or thin tool between them.

Step3 – The third step is to join the two pieces of the car door frame by inserting a screw through the hole created with a hole saw and into the doorframe. Start by screwing the screw into the car door frame on a flat surface. Make sure you drill the hole through the frame so the screw head may pass through to the opposite side.

Step4 – Next, you must put the screws in any other place. Depending on the type of frame, you may need to use fewer screws, but for now, we’ll add one more on each side to demonstrate how they go in and how it looks. The frame can now be shaped again by bending it.

Step5 – In the fifth step, you must use a clamp or vice grip to tightly pressure the two components along the connection to ensure everything is lined up correctly. Then tighten the four bolts using a 6mm Allen head wrench. Please make sure they are tight but not too tight. It’s advisable to first secure two before moving on to the rest.

Step6 – In the sixth step, you must put the metal backing. You can also use a hammer to fix it on the spot. Once you finish, your frame should have a somewhat jagged appearance and be the same size and shape as the original.

Step7 – Now, you have to put the glue on the screw; after that, screw them in along with that connection you just glued together, ensuring they go into the holes for attaching it to your car door frame from previously. Repeat this procedure with the entire door frame unless you complete it.

Step8 – Use a rubber mallet or hammer to pound your automobile door back onto the new metal backing while pressing it together evenly on both sides. The strength of the adhesive you apply will determine how hard you have to strike the issue to cure it.

Step9 – Replacing the screws with new ones will secure the new metal backing that has been bonded and fastened into place on your car door frame. Now repair the door and reinstall the screws.

Step10 – At the last step, you have to check whether your door is fixed correctly or not. You can close or open your car door to test it.


After reading this blog, now you can know “How To Fix A Bent Car Door Frame?“. Here, we discuss ten steps, follow these steps, and you can hassle-free fix your bent car door frame.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) –

  • Can bent metal be fixed on a car?

The best technique to bend car metal back into place is with a dent puller. But fortunately, automobile dent pullers are inexpensive, costing between $10 and $100, and they work well and are simple to use.

  • What is the price to repair a crooked edge on a car door?

In any event, your first concern is how much the damage will cost to repair when a car door dent develops. A $150 remedy for a small, straightforward dent is possible. If you need to replace your entire door, which may cost $1,500 or more since your automobile’s window or door lock was shattered during the incident.

  • What does a damaged car’s frame mean?

When the car’s frame integrity, which extends to its unibody, is seriously damaged, the motor becomes imbalanced, leading to other parts breaking and failing. Frame damage is often not worth the money because it can be repaired, but it would cost a fortune.

  • How challenging is bending a car frame?

Most individuals won’t ever have to worry about this issue because it takes significant energy to bend your vehicle’s structure. It is possible to hit a deep hole when off-roading at high speed, but doing so could compromise the structural integrity of your truck.

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