How to use Live Speech on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch

People with speech impediments face unique challenges that can hinder their social interactions and communication, often leading to anxiety and self-consciousness. Live Speech by Apple has been designed to assist those with speech impairments. Users should know how to use Live Speech on iPhone as their typed messages are spoken by their Apple devices in both face-to-face and digital conversations.

So, let’s go into a comprehensive overview of Live Speech:

Live Speech in Detail

Live Speech is an Apple-crafted accessibility tool tailored to support individuals contending with speech impediments. This innovative feature empowers users to express themselves by typing their messages, which are subsequently vocalized by their Apple devices.

Live Speech is adaptable to various communication scenarios, encompassing:

  • regular phone calls
  • FaceTime interactions
  • in-person dialogues
  • communication apps
  • and assistive communication applications.

System Requirements for Live Speech

For operation of Live Speech, compatibility with specific Apple devices is essential. Eligible devices include iPhone XS or newer models, Mac devices equipped with Apple silicon, iPad Air (5th generation) or later, iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation) and subsequent models, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th generation) and later iterations, and Apple Watch Series 3 or newer models. Moreover, your device should run at least iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma, or watchOS 10.

Implementing Live Speech Across Devices

Comprehensive guidelines are furnished for deploying Live Speech on iPhone and iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. Users have the liberty to select their preferred voice for Live Speech, and convenient access is facilitated through Accessibility Shortcuts.

Efficient Phrase Management

Live Speech empowers users to optimize their conversational efficiency by preserving frequently used phrases for swift retrieval. Comprehensive instructions for adding and removing such phrases are provided across iPhone/iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Beneficiaries of Live Speech

Live Speech serves as a valuable tool for individuals grappling with speech impediments, temporary voice loss, or health conditions impacting their ability to speak. Additionally, it proves advantageous in environments where verbal communication may be impractical, such as noisy surroundings or formal meetings.

Summing up

Apple’s introduction of Live Speech enriches its repertoire of accessibility features, offering invaluable support and convenience to individuals confronted with speech-related challenges. We invite you to share your insights regarding Live Speech and identify unique scenarios where its utility shines through.

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