How To Delete Bustr Account?

Bustr is one of the best BBW and BHM applications, but it does not take long to change your mind to delete an account from this dating website. If you want to unsubscribe from this dating app and don’t know how to delete your bustr Account, read this guide till the end.

How to Delete Bustr Account?

After 1 month of pressing the delete button, Bustr deletes your data, and you cannot restore your profile. Your Account will be removed from Bustr and the app after deletion.

To delete your profile:

  1. Sign in to your profile on the Bustr webpage.
  2. Select the Settings button.
  3. Pick Account by swiping down.
  4. Press Account Delete.
  5. Explain your reasoning.
  6. Press the Confirmation button.
  7. You have successfully deactivated the Account.

To completely erase your Bustr Account, you must have an email account or username linked to your profile. If you have one of those, you can deactivate your profile and erase your personal information from the database.

Can you delete the Bustr Account without a password?

You cannot terminate your Account on Bustr without signing in. If you fail to recall your username or password, there are some options for deleting your Account.

  1. Try to get your Account restored.
  2. To address the problem, consult the FAQ page.
  3. Inform Bustr by email that you wish to terminate your registration.
  4. To get assistance, use the Contact us page.
  5. Check to see if your browser has remembered your Bustr password.

Creating a new account, going to your old Account, then reporting or blocking it is another approach to remove a Bustr profile that you can’t open.

How to Delete a Suspended Bustr account?

If your profile seems to have been taken offline or breached and Bustr is incapable of verifying ownership of the profile for a year, or whether the Account is unopened and idle for an extended time, Bustr may suspend or deactivate your Account.

According to Bustr’s regulations, the only way to delete a suspended profile is to contact Bustr customer service.

  1. First, go to the Bustr Help Center to delete a suspended account.
  2. Choose Deactivate or delete my profile.
  3. Fill out the’s login form that appears, then hit the Submit button.

How to Deactivate Bustr Account?

You can temporarily freeze your Bustr Account through the deactivation procedure. Your Account and all the data connected to it are concealed from other individuals if you deactivate your profile. When you deactivate your Account, nothing is removed from it.

After 1 month, deleting a Bustr account is irrevocable. Your profile will be erased, and you’ll get a message notifying you of the deletion. If you do want to restore your Account, all you have to do is visit the website and log in again. You can expect an account restoration.

You must wait 30 days without logging in if you wish to completely delete your Account. Your profile will be deleted from the Bustr portal after this period, and you won’t be able to reactivate it.

Can I start over after deleting my Bustr?

Sure, but you must first close your present profile. Go to Settings and select the Account option to perform this. Click “Deactivate my account” in the Manage your account tab after scrolling down.

You’ll have to open a new profile after your old one is canceled. Visit the Bustr online and select “Sign up” to complete this. To finish registering, enter your email information and follow the on-screen directions.

How to remove Your Smartphone’s Bustr Account?

  1. Access the Settings on your phone. and go to  Passwords & Accounts
  2. Tap Bustr within Accounts.
  3. To remove, select Remove account.
  4. For additional safety, you must enter your phone’s pattern, PIN, or password if that’s the sole Bustr account on your device.

If you cannot delete Bustr off your smartphone, restrictions have been placed on your phone to prohibit this from happening. On your device, you can remove the limitations on app deletion.

How long is your data stored on Bustr?

According to the company, you won’t be allowed to utilize Bustr’s features when your profile has been canceled. Nevertheless, Bustr keeps a small amount of data after you delete your Account for legal purposes, such as preventing and detecting fraud and upholding its Terms of Use. This contains a device ID, an email account, and an IP address connected to the profile.

Occasionally, a problem that prevents you from canceling your Bustr Account just has to be resolved to enable deletion, like when you lose your login information.

You can ask Bustr to cancel your subscription for a variety of reasons, like the inability to use your profile due to hacking. If this is the situation, contact customer care directly and ask them to update the email account linked to the profile or change your password.

The Takeaway?

Deleting a bustr Account is a simple task, and we hope our detailed guide has answered all your questions about deleting a bustr account!

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