How To Keep Birds From Pooping On Your Car?

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Having a car becomes frustrating after seeing constant poops of the birds, and practically you can not do anything about it. It would disrupt the look of the car, no matter if you got it washed just a day ago. 

Thus, in this article, we have hand-picked the 10-best methods to keep birds from pooping on your car without harming them. 

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10-Ways to Keep Birds From Pooping On Your Car 

We have hand-picked one of the most efficient ways to solve the problem of “how to keep the birds from pooping on your car?” 

The best thing is that all these ways don’t harm the birds and naturally keep them away from the car.

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1. Prefer Inside Parking

The common saying is to try to park inside the garage or basement to avoid such incidents and keep your car safe from bird poops. 

If you can’t have this, we have mentioned various other ways.  

2. Predator Decoys 

Predator decoys are plastic animals such as hawks, cats, dogs, owls, and snakes. You can place these animals in the surrounding of your car as they will deter the birds. 

You can leave them inside your car, outside, or even at the windows to scare the birds. 

Whether you put the predator decoys inside or outside the car, remember to interchange them daily because the avians are intelligent creatures and will understand that these predators are unnatural. 

3. Bird Deterrent Objects 

One of the best ways “how to keep birds pooping in your car” is to use some bird deterrent objects. 

In your home parking lot, you can hang several shiny objects, such as CDs, balls, pinwheels, wind chimes, and reflective tape. 

Because birds are shiny objects, fast-moving objects, and noise deterrents, thus they don’t like to go around, and it will protect your car from the bird’s poop. 

4. Aluminum Foil 

All the avian creatures hate the sound and feel of the aluminum foil. Thus, you can use it to your advantage. 

You can buy large aluminum foil sheets and makeshift car covers from it. When birds sit on these aluminum foils, they will immediately fly away, which won’t give them time to poop on it. 

5. Electronic Bird Repellent

You can also use an electronic bird repellent to emit the sound that helps scare the birds and keep them away. 

You can use these repellent electronic devices only at home, but they will cover a large area. Thus, you don’t have to worry. 

6. Avoid Parking Under Trees, Electric Wires, and Posters 

Please do not park your car under any tree, electric wire, or posters. Because these are ubiquitous spots for the birds to hang on, and they poop mostly in these places. 

Though you may need to park a little distance from the place, it would be worth it and keep your car poop-cleaned. 

7. Use A Car Cover 

The car cover is one of the modern solutions to keep the birds away from your car, and even if they poop, it will not impact the car at any level. 

You have to purchase a durable and washable car cover. You can opt for a car cover made up of nylon and vinyl material that offers UV rays protection too. 

8. Place a Rubber Snake On the Car 

Placing a toy snake over the car’s trunk, hood, or bumper is still one of the best ways to keep the birds away from your car. 

It will neither require you to spend a lot of money nor will it harm them at any level. 

9. Cover Your Side Mirrors

You should always try to cover your side mirrors because when the birds see their reflection in the side mirrors, they feel it is another bird; thus, they poop on it.

You can purchase the ready-made covers or use any old t-shirt. It will always keep your side mirrors bird-poop cleaned.  

10. Install a Bird Scaring Kite 

Again (Birds) scaring kites are considered one of the best ways to keep your car poop-free. It is an easy-to-use way to deter the birds, and you can use them anywhere. 

All you need to do is to attach a kite with the car at home and work both. It might just obstruct the other structures when used outside your property. 

Always ensure not to park under the tree, post, and power wires. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • What Does It Mean When Birds Poop On Your Car?

Birds pooping on a car has a superstitious meaning also, which indicates good luck to the car owner. The more birds poop on your car, the more good luck you will get. Simply, It is a symbol of prosperity. 

  • What Color Car Do Birds Poop On Most?

Red is one of the most pooped-on colors. Thus, 18% of the total pooped cars are red. Then comes the blue with 14% and black with 11% of all the poop. 

  • Can Bird Poop Ruin Your Car Paint?

Birds’ poop has an acidic level that ranges from 3.5 pH level to 4.5 pH level. Thus, this acid burns the paint and starts destroying the surface. The worst thing is that the longer you leave the bird poop on the car, the higher it damages. 

  • How Long Can Birds Poop Stay On Your Car?

Most car paint damage happens within 48 hours of the bird’s poop. Whenever the bird poops, wrinkles, or fractures over the car, it causes the most significant possible damage and is tough to clean. 


We hope you have got to know “how to keep birds from pooping on your car?” and you like this article. 

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