Luysibanak Video Original Leaked On Telegram: Understand the Video with Exclusive Details

Luysibanak Video Original Leaked On Telegram: The Luysibanak video, originally leaked on Telegram, has garnered attention worldwide. This footage captures a distressing incident of a mother mistreating her daughter, sparking discussions and debates. Let’s delve into the details surrounding the Luysibanak video and explore why it has become a significant topic of conversation.

Luysibanak Video Original Leaked on Telegram

The video, showcasing a mother mistreating her daughter, surfaced on TikTok and quickly spread across various social media platforms. Referred to as ‘LuysiBanak,’ the video has remained a trending topic for over four months. The identity of the woman, identified as Anna Areshatyan from Gavar city, Armenia, has been disclosed on the internet. The incident prompted legal action, and the police in Gavar are currently investigating the case.

Luysibanak Video Original en Español

Hailing from Armenia, Anna Areshatyan, a 33-year-old woman, is at the center of this controversy. The video’s dissemination led to police involvement in Gavar city, where authorities initiated an investigation into the mistreatment. The case involves legal proceedings, and the court will determine the appropriate consequences for Anna Areshatyan’s actions.

Luisy Banak vídeo Twitter

Since October 2023, the Luysibanak video has been trending on Twitter. The incident has continued to capture public attention and discussions, raising questions about why Anna mistreated her daughters. The legal proceedings against Anna are ongoing, and she was arrested by the police in August 2023. The court is expected to deliver justice in this case, addressing the concerns raised by netizens.

Armenian Law Regarding Child Mistreatment

Armenian law takes child mistreatment seriously, with penalties ranging from 14 to 25 years of imprisonment for such offenses. The law outlines various forms of mistreatment, including emotional, physical, intimate, abandonment, and neglect. In the Luysibanak case, the mistreatment falls under the category of physical harm, and the legal system is poised to address it accordingly.

Update on Anna’s Court Case

Anna Areshatyan’s state lawyer refused to defend her in court, and the legal proceedings are currently underway. The court has accumulated sufficient evidence against Anna, and she will face the consequences of her actions in due course.


The Luysibanak Video Original Leaked on Telegram sheds light on an incident that occurred in August 2023, involving the mistreatment of children by their mother, Anna Areshatyan. The video sparked widespread discussions and legal actions. While personal details about Anna remain limited, the case underscores the importance of addressing child mistreatment and upholding the law.

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