The #1 Fall Fashion Trend, Pinterest Says

With the advent of fall, a myriad of new fashion trends emerges each year. In 2022, mini Uggs and bomber jackets stole the spotlight, while the preceding year witnessed the reign of chunky lug sole boots and leather blazers. Going further back to 2020, baguette bags and ultra-miniskirts had their moment. This year, a distinctive trend has claimed the throne. A recent study by Boohoo, delving into Pinterest data, has pinpointed the top-trending items that are poised to dominate as temperatures descend. Keep reading to discover the key piece that should grace your closet.

The #1 Fall Fashion Trend, Pinterest Says

1. Green Cargo Pants Emerge as the Premier Fall Fashion Trend

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Analyzing the data reveals that green cargo pants have surged as the top-trending fall fashion item, experiencing a remarkable 168 percent increase in Pinterest searches over the past 30 days. Boohoo notes that these pants, donned by celebrities such as Addison Rae, Hillary Duff, and Oprah, embody versatility and have become increasingly popular for their Y2K fashion influence. The resurgence of cargo pants aligns with the broader revival of Y2K trends, evident in the return of baby tees, butterfly clips, straight- and wide-leg jeans, and velour tracksuits.

Sales data supports the trend, indicating an 81 percent increase in sales of women’s cargo pants from January to May 2023, as reported by Circana. Fast-fashion brand Shien’s top-selling item, an $11 pair of high-waisted cargo pants, attests to the widespread popularity. Notable brands, ranging from accessible ones like Reformation, ASOS, Free People, and Abercrombie to designer labels such as The Attico, Nili Lotan, and DARKPARK, offer various versions of these sought-after pants.

2. Styling Tips for Green Cargo Pants

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For those accustomed to the ubiquity of blue denim, styling green cargo pants may pose a challenge. Boohoo’s experts recommend pairing them with earthy tones and suggest combinations like a grey or brown sweatshirt. A plain white T-shirt can be employed for a simpler look, complemented by a denim jacket or an earth-toned blazer in white, cream, or brown to provide warmth.

Consideration for the type of cargo pants is crucial, with variations in rise from low to medium to high. For office wear, mid- or high-rise options are suitable, while low-rise variants may be preferred for a night out when matched with a corset top or crop top.

The choice of shoes is paramount, and PopSugar stylists recommend avoiding heavy boots. Opting for lighter options such as lace-up Dr. Martens, knee-high riding boots, pointy-toe ankle boots, pointy heels, minimalist sneakers, strappy sandals, or slides can enhance the overall aesthetic.

3. Other Notable Fall Trends

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Beyond green cargo pants, Pinterest data highlights additional fall trends. Leather bomber jackets have seen a 129 percent increase in searches, hailed for their timeless appeal that only improves with age. Satin midi skirts experienced a 127 percent surge, particularly in bronze, khaki, or brown tones for a sophisticated fall look. Flannel shirts, a perennial fall staple, gained a 37 percent increase in searches, with celebrities like Hailey Bieber showcasing them as overshirts, ideal for pairing with high-waist jeans.

In the realm of footwear, Chelsea boots witnessed a 67 percent surge in searches, lauded for their versatility. Fur boots, spanning various styles from ankle boots to calf-high and platform variations, saw an 83 percent increase in searches. Incorporating these trends into your wardrobe ensures a cozy and fashionable appearance throughout the fall season.

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