The 9 Best Clothing Brands for Curvy Women, Who Want to Embrace Their Curves

Whether you’re short or tall, plus-size or petite, it can be difficult to find clothes that fit a curvaceous figure. Jeans may fit nicely around the hips and legs yet be excessively large at the waist. Even though they fit well on the breast, blouses are excessively long. If you find yourself in similar situations, continue reading to learn from stylists which clothes brands are ideal for curvaceous ladies. These brands offer a wide range of clothing items, including undergarments, formal dresses, and denim, that will accentuate your figure and boost your self-esteem.

The 9 Best Clothing Brands for Curvy Women, According to Stylists    

1. Good American

Close up side view of a model wearing Good American's Good Curve Skinny Jeans

Good American, co-founded by Khloé Kardashian, has gained popularity for its commitment to inclusivity, offering sizes ranging from 00 to 32. Initially focusing on denim, the brand has expanded its range to include various wardrobe staples like tees, dresses, bodysuits, jumpsuits, and swimwear. Elizabeth Kosich highlights its foolproof basics, with jeans starting at $99 and bodysuits at $60.

2. Boden

Product shot of the cut-out midi tea dress in a blue print from Boden

Daisy Barnett recommends Boden for curvy body types due to its quality-constructed silhouettes and fabrics that drape well. Known for its dresses, many of which are made of knit fabric, Boden’s pieces often feature waist-nipping silhouettes. While moderately priced, Boden frequently offers sales, making its clothing accessible to a wider audience.

3. SmartGlamour

Models wearing SmartGlamour clothing

SmartGlamour stands out for its customizable clothing options, catering to sizes XXS to 15X. Founded by Mallorie Dunn in 2014, the brand offers made-to-order pieces designed to fit every curve. With prices ranging from $30 for tees to $60 for palazzo pants, SmartGlamour prioritizes inclusivity and accurate representation in fashion.

4. ASOS Curve & Plus

close up model shot of Asos' beige moto jacket

ASOS, a British e-commerce retailer, features its Curve & Plus range among its 800 brands. Elizabeth Kosich praises ASOS for offering trendy pieces at affordable prices, with items like maxi dresses, statement moto jackets, and boyfriend blazers starting at just $17 for tees and $35 for mini dresses.

5. Show Me Your Mumu

Models standing in front of a house with a white picket fence wearing champagne-colored satin bridesmaid dresses from Show Me Your Mumu

Show Me Your Mumu, based in Venice, California, specializes in feminine, flowy styles suitable for curvy shapes, including plus sizes. Tracy Cheng recommends the brand, particularly for brides or bridesmaids, given its stylish wedding attire and coordinated bridesmaid dresses priced around $188.

6. Measure & Made

Three models wearing Measure & Made jeans with white t-shirts

Measure & Made addresses the challenge of finding well-fitting pants for hourglass figures with its ShapeLogic technology. Loly Hlade explains that their sizing system considers both size and body shape, offering pants, jeans, and shorts in over 100 size and shape combinations ranging from 0 to 28.

7. Baltic Born

Close up model shot of Baltic Born's Venice Lace Maxi Dress in blush pink

Baltic Born is Cheng’s top pick for chic formal dresses suitable for parties or weddings. Known for incorporating intricate lace or embroidery details, the brand offers designs like the Lace Maxi Dress at an affordable $89, designed to be both bump and nursing-friendly.


Product shot of SKIM sheer sculpt bodysuit in black

SKIMS, founded by Kim Kardashian, focuses on celebrating and highlighting curves with its diverse range of shapewear pieces. Kosich applauds the brand’s commitment to diversity in shape, size, and colour, offering shapewear in five support levels and up to 11 skin tones, with prices ranging from $28 to $72.

9. Veronica Beard

Product shot of a ruched strapless floral-print dress by Veronica Beard

For investment pieces, DuFour recommends Veronica Beard, particularly for its sexy skirts and dresses featuring flattering shirring details. Known for its generously long sizing, Veronica Beard offers high-quality pieces like blazers at higher price points, making it suitable for taller, curvier women.

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