What Does It Mean If The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached?

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You might have called someone and heard the recorded message saying that the subscriber can not be reached. If this is what you’re getting every time, then we probably know what is happening.

This guide mentioned why you’re always getting the response as the “subscriber cannot be reached.”

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What Does It Mean If The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached?

If you’re trying to call someone on their cell phone, the recorded message would say that “the subscriber cannot be reached.”

Thus, it could probably mean that the person you’re trying to reach or call has either turned off his cell phone or is out of network coverage.

Difference Between Can Not Be Reached and Unattended

When you call someone, and the operator sounds, “the subscriber can not be reached, please try again later.” It could probably mean that the person you are trying to reach out to is in the wrong signal area or his phone’s network is not working.

Apart from the phone from the out-of-coverage site, the respective person may have switched his mobile phone off. The only thing you can do is to wait till the time that person comes into the coverage area or switch on his phone.

When you call someone, the operator sounds like “the subscriber can not be contacted or the phone is unattended or out of service area.” It could mean that it is related to the phone problem if you’re continuously trying to reach the person.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can’t Be Reached Means Blocked?

If you’re calling someone and unable to even reach the voicemail, it clearly shows that you’re sure shot blocked.

  • How can I tell if someone blocked my number?

If you want to know whether you’re blocked or not, then you have to call the person. If you’re blocked, you will receive a delivery message, although it won’t mention that you’re blocked. This is the only way to figure out that you’re blocked.

  • What does it mean when it says the number you are trying to reach is not in service?

If you receive the text “The Number Is No Longer In Service,” it means that the person you’re trying to call cannot operate his calling or messaging services. The number you’re trying to reach might be disconnected or not in service for a temporary purpose.

  • How do I know if my number is blocked?

In android phones, If you send a message to a person, it will leave from your mobile phone as usual but won’t be delivered to the person. On the iPhone, you don’t get the notification of sending the message, which gives you a clue that you might be blocked.

  • What sound do you get when someone blocks your number?

If you have called someone and he has blocked you, you will get to hear only a single ring, and you will be diverted to the operated voicemail.

  • How can I make my phone unreachable for a particular number?

Recently, Google has integrated a new call blocking feature in the Android N that allows you to block calls from other people. The best thing is that you can add the particular number you don’t want calls from.

  • How many times does a phone ring if you are blocked?

If you call someone and just after a single ring every time, you’re directed to voicemail, and there are very high chances you might have been blocked. If you want to confirm the process, call the person for the next 3-4 days, and if you receive the same response, you’re indeed blocked.

  • Can you tell if someone blocked your texts?

If you have sent the message to someone and find that you’re receiving notifications like “message not delivered” or do not receive any notification at all, then there are possible chances you’re blocked.

  • What happens when you call someone, and their phone is off?

If you have called someone and you directly reach the voicemail saying, “the person you’re trying to call is unavailable right now,” the phone is sure shot switched off.

  • Can you send a text to someone you blocked?

Blocking someone only means that you won’t receive any messages or calls from the other person, although it doesn’t bind you to be unable to make any outgoing calls or messages. On iPhones and Androids, you can block anyone and still send them text messages or calls.


We hope you like the guide, and it has helped you understand “what it means if the subscriber can not be reached.” We have also mentioned many frequently asked questions that you might be thinking of, so have a look at them too. What Does It Mean If The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached?

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