Why Does My Lg Keep Restarting?

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The LG G3 has been around for a while, yet it is a powerful phone that can handle demanding chores and some games. And given that it’s been around for three generations, it’s hardly surprising that many people still use it.

However, the most significant drawback of using an outdated smartphone is the likelihood of frequent problems. Some consumers lament the frequent restarts of their LG phones and need clarification about what to do in such circumstances. If you are also in the same situation, then this blog will help you.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss in detail “Why Does My Lg Keep Restarting?”

Why Does My Lg Keep Restarting?

The most common reason LG phones keep restarting is their faulty battery. Your battery may get bloated, bent, or lose its quality due to overcharging. Remove the rear cover first, then check the power pack to see if anything seems out of the ordinary.

Get a replacement and check to see whether the problem still exists. If it does, you suspect that this is the cause of your LG G3 phone rebooting repeatedly. If still, the issues are there, then they may be caused by a software bug, but you can also fix it with some troubleshooting.

How to fix my Lg restarting issues?

Here, we will discuss several methods to help fix your restarting issues.

Methods1 – Update your software

It appears that LG is aware of this problem because they recently released an update to address it. If this is the case, check your phone’s software updates by going to Settings > About Device > Software Updates. Install any updates the phone detects and check whether the restarting stops.

Method2 – Remove the micro SD card

Such problems on an LG could be brought on by a defective or corrupted SD card. The answer is straightforward: remove the card and use your phone. If everything functions as it should, the micro SD flash memory was the cause of the issue.

Move all the data from the card to a different device before formatting it if you wish to continue using it. Or you could acquire a new card.

Method3 – Reset your phone factory.

A factory reset is typically the only real fix for an LG phone that keeps rebooting. Because the procedure would erase everything from the phone’s memory and reset it to its factory settings, it is strongly advised to back up all of the data before beginning.

By performing a factory reset on an LG phone, you should follow these steps: 

  • Navigate to Settings > Backup & Reset 
  • Select Factory Reset, then OK 
  • Watch as the erasing is finished

Method4 – Check storage and clean space if needed

If the repository is full or nearly complete on your phone and is up to date, you should examine it and make room for it. A cleanout is necessary if there is less than 10% spare space. Your device will function correctly if all unneeded files and cached data are removed.

Click Settings, then select storage. 

Here, you can see the amount of free space and a breakdown of each category, including downloads, apps, images, videos, and audio.

Method5 – Check for harmful apps and uninstall the app

Sometimes, an application creates issues, even though downloading and installing apps is frequently harmless. Turning off downloaded apps and resetting your smartphone in Safe Mode can allow you to determine if an app is to blame for the device’s shutdown and reboot.

Method6 – Close the app you are not using

Even while Android monitors the memory usage of programs while they are in use, there are times when you might want to check for application updates or make the app close on its own. This step can be helpful if you notice a specific app causing your Android to crash and restart.

To receive updates for Android apps, open the Play Store app, press the three-line menu, then choose My apps & games. If more than one app requires an update, select Update All and click Update.

If you think an app is the cause of frequent crashes and restarts on your device, you could try to stop it. Open Settings, select Apps, select the problematic app, then choose Force shutdown.

Why Does My Lg Keep Restarting?


After reading this blog, you can learn “Why Does My Lg Keep Restarting?” and how to fix it. Here, in this blog, we have discussed six different methods. You can prefer any of the methods which resonate with you. This blog will help you, and you can hassle-free fix your issues.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) 

  • Why does my phone keep restarting itself?

Damaged system files, bad installations, malware, viruses, and corrupt software files may bring this on. Changes you made to the system are probably to blame if you recently tried to unlock your phone or downloaded a new app and got stuck in a boot loop.

  • How do I stop my LG phone from boot looping?

It would help if you held the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. It generally takes approx. 10-15 seconds. As soon as the LG Bootup logo displays on the screen, extend your fingers. To navigate up and down, press the Volume Down and Power keys to choose the desired option.

  • How can a boot loop never end?

Using the Power button to initiate a shutdown and then turn it back on again is the most straightforward way to break your laptop’s endless boot cycle. Use a boot key unique to your laptop or computer to restart in Safe Mode if it doesn’t fix the problem for you.

  • Why were LG products discontinued?

The organization would rather have the option to concentrate on other business segments that have more room for expansion. These include robotics, intelligent appliances, and networked devices. Tom’s Guide reports that LG recently gave a sneak peek at a phone with an extendable display at one of the major trade events of the year.

  • What occurs if your phone’s operating system isn’t updated?

One or more of the most frequent performance issues brought on by bugs includes an app crashing at random, unusually high battery usage, and heating. Businesses frequently provide corrective updates to fix these problems.

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