5 Best Ugg Boot Dupes that are Available Online

Cost Isn’t an Obstacle with These Similar Footwear Choices Recommended by Stylists

If it were solely our decision, we’d spend our days in Ugg boots. These shoes, lined with shearling, offer a comforting embrace for our feet, ensuring warmth and coziness. Nonetheless, a couple of factors deter us. Firstly, societal norms dictate that slipper-like footwear isn’t suitable for certain upscale occasions. Secondly, the price tag on these boots can be somewhat prohibitive. (Spending over $130 on a pair of shoes might dissuade us from wearing them in unfavourable weather conditions or during errands where they could get scuffed.)

Thankfully, alternatives exist, and today, they’re better than ever. Read ahead to discover some of the finest options available on the market, as recommended by stylists.

5 Best Ugg Boot Dupes

1. Altar’d State Mini Synthetic Fur Platform Boots

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The Ugg Ultra Mini Platform Boot caught the attention of many this year, but its $160 price makes it unattainable for most. However, Altar’d State offers a similar appearance with its Cloud Bootie, priced at exactly half the cost!

Available in two colors—a camel shade akin to Ugg’s renowned chestnut and a light tan—these boots feature a low platform and a synthetic fur lining that ensures the same comfort as their counterparts.

Certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, Elizabeth Kosich, remarks, “It’s exceptionally compact, stylish, and completely vegan, catering to the eco-conscious fashion enthusiast.”

2. TSPACE Women’s Easy Slip-On Slippers

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The Ugg Tasman Slippers were highly sought after, leading many retailers to repeatedly sell out of them (even Ugg had the shoe in stock in only three sizes at the time of writing).

Instead, consider the more economical alternative available at Walmart, offering a nearly identical dupe with the same silhouette, color, and embroidered stitching. Moreover, these come at a mere $22!

However, it’s essential to note that these shoes are marketed as house slippers, so their durability outdoors might not match up to that of outdoor shoes.

3. Ausland Winter Snow Boots

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For an alternative resembling one of Ugg’s classic tall styles, the Ausland Winter Snow Boots, priced at $70 on Amazon, fit the bill.

“They offer exceptional quality for their price,” states stylist and Capsule Closet Stylist founder Michelle Barrett. “If you’re content with genuine leather, they’re likely to be more long-lasting.”

Barrett also appreciates their slightly greater height compared to brand-name Uggs, which makes them easier to tuck pants into, ensuring added warmth for your calves. Applying a suede protector is advisable.

4. Redvolution Women’s Faux Suede Fur Boots

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Barrett also endorses Redvolution as a superb vegan alternative to the traditional tall Ugg. They match the chestnut color perfectly and are available in black, gray, sand, and some versions featuring faux fur and buckles on the outside. At just $24 through Amazon, buyers acclaim them as a steal.

“These are adorable. Exactly what I was seeking! We received over 10 inches of snow & these work wonderfully for grocery trips & similar outings,” attested one reviewer.

5. Cushionaire Women’s Hip Authentic Suede Pull-On Boot

amazon CUSHIONAIRE boots | MercerOnline

Another Ugg ultra-mini alternative is the Cushionaire Pull-On Boot, priced at just $59 on Amazon.

Reviewers enthusiastically compare them to Ugg: “There’s no arguing with the price, and they’re just as comfortable and stylish as UGGs,” asserts one. Another reviewer commented, “Love love love these!!! They look exactly like [Uggs] but at a better price. Excellent quality.”

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